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Why Mindset Matters



There is a reason why we put mindset at the center of everything we do at the Whole Experience. Putting mindset first helps us build the foundation that we need to develop consistency and empowerment within our wellness journey. As we start to dive deeper into mindset practices, we start to build self-awareness. This awareness helps us not only recognize our patterns, behaviors and triggers, but it also helps us learn how to control our thoughts so that our thoughts don’t control us. 

Consider your mindset as the framework through which you approach life. It is responsible for how you respond to situations that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. If you are faced with limitations, your mindset can process this as a challenge or opportunity. We cannot stress enough how powerful mindset work is, as it gives us the ability to face adversity, to find silver linings, and to move through life more joyfully. As the old adage goes:

You can’t change what happens to you sometimes, but you can change how you respond to it.

There have been numerous studies validating the data about warding off negative thoughts and giving way to positive thoughts, and the results are astonishing. Whether your goal is to start living a more healthy life or to gain control over your weight loss journey. Having a strong mindset that believes you are worthy and capable of these changes can make all the difference.

The following activities are recommended by research and are also based on our personal experiences. We use these mindset practices in our daily lives and have helped thousands of our clients to do the same!

Start a Journal

Journaling has been a game changer in our journeys. Having a journal allows you to reflect and document your journey. As you start to develop self-awareness, you will likely identify your triggers within wellness (times you tend to fall off or are tempted to revert to old behaviors). We also suggest in the beginning of a journey to keep a food journal as you discover which foods work well for you and those that do not. We journal about our goals, intentions and give ourselves space to unpack why this journey to wellness might have been elusive in the past. As you can see, we journal about everything! It is so powerful to have a record of your goals and your progress, and create time to put pen to paper on why you are on this journey in the first place. When you have a log of how far you’ve come, you will be motivated by being able to celebrate and reflect on the growth you have experienced. We highly recommend having a personalized or unique journal that you can truly call your own just for this wellness journey. 

Incorporate Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to help calm the mind, relieve anxiety, and promote overall feelings of contentment and  peace, something we could all use more of in modern society. Meditation can also be a very effective practice to help us build control over our thoughts so that we can build self-esteem, willpower, and confidence. Thus, we highly recommend that you engage in a daily meditation practice while on your wellness journey. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is a proven approach toward clarity and empowerment of the mind. Meditation gives you the serenity to simmer down the distractions and stress while allowing your mind to cultivate positivity.

Speak Words of Self-Affirmation

Words can either lift us up or tear us down, and oftentimes, when we speak to ourselves, we are our own worst enemy. Let’s break this cycle by implementing more positive self-affirming words into our day. The moment you wake up, say good things about yourself. Affirm yourself by telling yourself what you want to achieve, and acknowledge all you have accomplished. Try using a set of affirmations that resonate with you, such as: “I am beautiful,” “I am strong,” “ I am confident.” Through repetition of these positive words and phrases, we are able to reprogram our minds to be strong, positive, and dynamic, which makes our goals become more attainable and sustainable.

Benefits of Investing in Your Mindset

We know life is busy, so you might be asking yourself…“Is the juice worth the squeeze?” Here are just a few reasons why mindset work is worth your valuable time:

Improved Self-Confidence

The effects might not be visible immediately, but when you establish a positive mindset:

  • It has an effect on how you perceive yourself as a whole. 
  • You become more confident about how you look, what you can do and accomplish.
  • Most importantly, you gain clarity about the life that you want to live. You become more receptive to growth, learning, and you  become more motivated and able to connect with consistency. 

Reduced Risk for Depression

Meditation is scientifically proven to help our mind react differently to stress and feelings of anxiety. By building these types of practices into our daily lives, we can help navigate the peaks and valleys of life easier, developing a general state of equanimity, and finding peace in the present moment. 

Improved Relationships

We’re not just talking about romance here. When a person has a positive mindset, they build self-awareness and understanding that allows him or her to take a step back and process the situation and surroundings first before coming up with a reaction. A positive mindset allows you to have a better grip on your emotions, especially when you’re the type of person who is emotionally driven. These practices will help you achieve better communication, better understanding, and, consequently, better relationships with family, friends and community.

As you can see, your mind has the power to achieve and unlock your own definition of greatness. So let’s carve out time each day for a bit of mindfulness and start being and feeling AMAZING today!