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We are delighted to share with you our exclusive small group coaching program, called WeTransform Premium where Whitney Gee and TameikaG will be leading intimate groups of women in a transformation from the inside out.

Since designing The Whole Experience Retreats and coaching over 1500 clients, we have become passionate about building a tribe of women who will lift each other up and encourage each other in their wellness journey.

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our ideal

Tribe Member

A woman who has a deep, unwavering desire for change. She has tried every diet under the sun, but realized the fads don’t work, and is looking for long-term life change. Perhaps she has lost hope, but is ready to find it!

A woman who is mentally strong. She may carry emotional weight, but she is someone who is ready to truly confront her struggles and focus on the internal work just as much as the external.

A woman who is ready to put in the WORK. The asks of this program will not be easy, but we’d like to attract a group of women who are ready to prioritize this lifestyle for good and come in with an open mind!

A woman who has a bright light. A huge part of this program will focus on finding the joy during this process, so the energy needs to be of high, positive, and uplifting frequency! Positive Vibes Only!

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What we’ve come to realize is that everyone knows what to do. But for some reason, it’s not sticking. So we are here to help you fill that gap with a robust 8-week immersive program that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit holistically. Take a look at our modules.

8 Week Outline for We Transform Premium

  • Module 1 – Finding Alignment in your ONE life
  • Module 2 – Beyond Macros & Intuitive Eating
  • Module 3 – Top Reasons you haven't seen results on your journey thus far (and how to change)
  • Module 4 – Mindfulness & Stress
  • Module 5 – Toning & Fat Loss
  • Module 6 – How to design an Evening routine
  • Module 7 – Creating Wellness Boundaries
  • Module 8 – Self-love & Accepting yourself today

What's included?

Program details:

You’ll be in a small intimate coaching group with like-minded women on this journey with you. We meet on Mondays weekly.

As your coaches, we will be deeply involved in your journey. You'll be assigned an accountability coach who will check in with you daily, and will send you a bi-weekly progress report on how you are doing.

8 Weeks of workout (at home or at the gym) and yoga videos. That will strategically get you to your goals and meet you where you are.

Gone are the days you are eating boring food to achieve your goals. This program is designed to satiate you, and have you ENJOY food! We'll provide you with guidelines that will be specific enough to get you to your goals, but spacious enough where you won't be too restrictive. Through this, we will teach you the art of balance!

That’s right, you will have Whitney and myself coaching you weekly and your very own accountability coach to check in with you daily for 8 weeks. We will work as a team to support you individually and to ensure you are getting HOLISTIC results. Mind, body, and spirit.

So many weight loss programs fail to recognize the importance of mindfulness on this journey. With a dedicated morning routine (including guided meditations), weekly recorded lessons, and assignments (primarily focused on mindset), our #1 goal is to help you get to the necessary mindset shifts to make this lifestyle stick and for good!

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More Stories

I’ve actually told a lot of people in my life about this program - they’re just seeing my example and wanting to learn more. I would recommend it to anyone who wants change, who wants to transform something in their life, but wants to do it in a sustainable manner.

This program was life changing. Before this program, I would have never thought I would be considering doing a mini triathlon, the fact that I think “I can do this” is a testament to this program.

My mind shifted from fearing food - to desiring food that would nourish my body. If you feel ready, or even if you don’t feel ready… I would just take a step back, I would look at where you are and where you want to be, and I would just go for it!

My meal plans were set out (so no more excuses) and I had accountability partners so I definitely couldn’t let someone else down, and I actually put myself first for the first time in a very long time. I learned that eating healthy was actually yummy and running intervals never felt so good. With being consistent I lost 22lbs in 90 days. YES…22Lbs! I highly recommend reaching out to join Project You, Premium

Our Approach

Through our personal journeys, and the experience of coaching over 1500 women (helping them lose a cumulative total of 15,000 lbs),

we have learned that there are 3 key ingredients for long-term success with your wellness journey.

1. Reframing the mindset and working on the internal just as much as the external

2. Focusing on accountability

3. Creating a routine filled with habits and rituals that are sustainable, realistic and foster joy

WeTransform Premium is a program that focuses on these 3 ingredients and is guaranteed to help you transform your life - for good!

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We Transform Premium?

If the above resonates with you, we’d love to explore if you are a fit for this program and learn a little bit more about your journey. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch! Upon filling out the questions below, we will review the application and be in touch to schedule a call if there’s a fit!

Because this program is so near and dear to our hearts, we are extra selective of who we bring into this sacred circle so please take your time answering the questions below!

2 months is also quite the commitment so we’d like to ensure we have the right group of people with the right energy.

Serious applications only please. Only those applicants with full, well thought out answers below will be contacted.

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From two coaches that have been there...

We designed this program because we have been through this journey, and understand how difficult it can be!
Here's the thing, we are not set up for success in this space, so we've not only taken the thousands of clients we've worked with,
but our own journeys, to really help you craft a solution that will stick.

A little about us:



My sustainable journey to wellness began after hitting corporate burnout, enduring years of negative self talk, and navigating the modern fast paced lifestyle that lead me to hit a total health collapse. This journey to healing ignited a fire within me, I knew I had to share the knowledge and light I obtained on my journey with others. I wanted to dedicate my life's work to helping people connect with holistic wellness. I obtained my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in India, I am a certified personal trainer and Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My education and background allow me to support my clients in their journeys to wellness in a holistic and sustainable approach that brings not only lasting success but sheer JOY.

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Since losing 90 lbs, 14 years ago, I have devoted my time to helping others achieve the happiness I have found on this journey. As a certified personal trainer, I have helped over 1500 clients worldwide (both in person and online) lose a cumulative total of 15000+ lbs and 18,000+ inches! During the retreats, my boot camps are sure to challenge you and push you to your limits! In coaching, I will hold space for you and offer both empathy and compassion while focusing on your results.

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