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Want To Move Abroad?




Here are the 5 tips to get started from two women who have quit corporate and created a life of their dreams. 

Whitney's Journey

Tameika's Tale

Tip #1  Create a Safety Net

We know so many people who want to travel the world, but they get scared to quit their jobs and security. We both were in Corporate prior to quitting our jobs and traveling the world. We suggest making a budget of how much money you would need for a year of travel/living expenses. Generally, we have found that depending on your lifestyle and how many countries you want to travel to. However, our general operating expenses abroad are around $ 1500-2000 USD a month, this includes airbnb rent, transport, groceries, meals entertainment, and some additional domestic travel in the country to see the sights. Having this security blanket of knowing we could travel for a year with no work necessary empowered us to take the leap of faith into the unknown.  

Tip #2 See if you can be remote!

If you still like your job, but just need a change of scenery. Many companies are now a lot more flexible when it comes to remote work. We have had clients we work with, who were able to negotiate fully remote positions. We also know of people who have been able to negotiate being based seasonally. So for example, if they have a busy season at work, they can be based near the office for those months and work remotely on other months. The world is your oyster and our policy has always been… Don’t ask, don’t get. Work with your HR manager to see what is possible. You are an asset to your company and thus you likely have bargaining power. 

Tip #3 Think about what you want to do

If you want to start your own business or you want to find a new job that is remote there are so many opportunities out there! A great place to start is Linked in for networking and Facebook groups that are created for digital nomads/ entrepreneurs. We have found that there are SO many inspiring people in the world. If you start putting yourself in contact with individuals that are in the same headspace, you can create a great supportive community. You never know what doors of opportunity will be opened when you get yourself in the right environment. Just look at us, we met at a cafe in Bali, six years later we are still running our international wellness business and living a life on our own terms!  

Tip #4 Leverage your assets

Do you own a home? Consider renting it out on Airbnb or finding a longer term renter. Do you have a car? Consider renting it or selling it if you want to move abroad for an extended period of time. Have a garage sale, start pairing down. You will be amazed by how quickly you can raise funds, when you put your mind to it. You can also adopt a more minimalist approach to your lifestyle and spending. As you will see quickly while living abroad… Less is MORE!

Tip #5 Believe in yourself

People might question your dream. They might attempt to instill fear or guilt for wanting to travel the world and leave your community behind. We know we definitely did when we started our nomadic journey. However, if this is something you truly want, then trust yourself! The world is a big beautiful place, filled with stagers who are just friends you have not met yet. We have met so many inspiring people around the world. New opportunities are everywhere. We always reminded ourselves, when we were preparing to quit corporate, that jobs and school will always be there, you can always go back if you need or want to. However, traveling is some of the most incredible, and evolutionary experiences you can have. Doing this for yourself is an investment in your future and your happiness! So go forth and travel!! We look forward to seeing you on the open road.