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W.E. Gives Back



We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.

Getting out in the world, many of us have aspirations of leaving our mark—to be the best, to make a difference, and to be renowned. However, once you get out there, you realize just how vast and complicated the issues are. It can be overwhelming at first when looking at the expansive issues facing our society and knowing where you can best play a role in creating change. You can start to feel jaded by all of the injustices and the realization that the issues are seemingly endless.

However, as founders of the Whole Experience, we first sought to be the change we wished to see, opting to work on ourselves in our wellness journeys and pursue our passions of traveling the world. We marveled at how once we made these healthy lifestyle changes for ourselves, they became seemingly contagious, and we were able to help others in our families and communities to do the same. We saw the power of small positive change on a micro level and its capacity to grow into the macro scale. We found that small, sustainable changes do have the power to change people’s lives. This founding principle is what we have built our business upon.

From Dreamers to Achievers

Through our dedication to helping women connect with the same joy and zest for a life of balance and health that we have, the Whole Experience was born. In the face of adversity, as we stepped into the unknown and blazed a trail to entrepreneurship, it was our connection with people that continued to ground us and keep us going.

We attribute much of our success to this ethos, which we believe is the reason the universe (or whatever you want to call it) has helped us get to where we are today. Thus, as we grew, one of our first calls to action was to be sure we not only served our clients but also contributed to the communities in which we host retreats.

To us, it is through a life of service that we find the most reward and fulfillment. We seek to do what we can to leave the world a little better than how we found it. Thus, with the help of our Tribe Members and their continued support, we were able to launch the non-profit arm of our business: W.E. Gives Back.

Lombok Project- Indonesia

W.E. Gives Back has now funded five non-profits and supported projects in three different continents. Our goal for 2019 includes raising awareness about these global initiatives, as well as helping raise $10,000 for our non-profit partners. With each retreat and region we host in, one of our first orders of business is to get out into the community and find non-profit partners we trust. This way, we know firsthand that the funds will be utilized responsibly and used to create pragmatic change.

We have been so blessed thus far to actually find many of our non-profit partnerships through our retreat vendors. For example, in South Africa and Colombia, both of our chefs have been connected to local non-profits that help educate and train at-risk youth within their communities. These inspiring initiatives help teach valuable life skills so that these individuals may enter the workforce and have the opportunity to change their lives through education and financial development.

Amy Foundation- South Africa

Another project we worked on that was very near and dear to our hearts was a non-profit initiative in Lombok, Indonesia, in which we were able to be a part of a project that helped build three wells for a community that was severely impacted by the earthquakes that shook the island nation. What was so humbling for us about this initiative is that it was made possible by social media and the villagers calling out to anyone who would listen that they needed help. It is through this platform that we are also able to connect with our clients, and we are always amazed by how amazing a tool social media can be when utilized correctly.

This project was also very special to us as we were able to get on the ground and see the well be turned on for the first time. To us, it was a moment of pure bliss to realize that two girls with dreams of helping the world but not knowing exactly where to start could end up on a remote island in Indonesia, helping those who needed it the most.

Village elder discussing the benefit the wells will have on their community

For anyone who has a dream, who seeks to get outside the box, all we can say is take that first step—that leap into the unknown—and when you are guided by positive intention, the universe (as we like to call it) will look out and help you get to where you need to go. We are beyond excited to continue this work and add to our global network of non-profit partnerships as our reach grows.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. To read more about the projects we currently support, please click this link. W.E Gives Back would not be possible without all of you, so as always, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!