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What measures are you taking for COVID-19?2021-09-21T11:43:37+00:00

Your safety is our number one concern for every trip we run. On each retreat’s web page, we have outlined how we will be taking COVID pre-cautions based on the country’s guidelines. Rest assured, we will only run a retreat if it is safe to do so. We are amending our retreats for the foreseeable future to include many more onsite activities, as well. If you have any specific questions, after reviewing the retreats COVID measures and our Terms and Conditions, you can simply email us at

I’m interested in going with my friend, how do I ensure we can both attend?2021-09-21T11:37:17+00:00

We take all tribe members on a first come first serve basis, so our suggestion would be for you and your friend to register at the same time and email us at that you’re interested in rooming together and we’ll be sure to make it happen if feasible!

When can I see the itinerary? What if we don’t want to participate in all events?2021-09-21T14:39:48+00:00

For every retreat, we aim to release a preliminary itinerary located on the retreat web-page that gives a good idea of what we’ll be doing. It’s preliminary because we are always working to improve your experience. But not worry, before you come to the retreat, we will be releasing a final schedule to you and your tribe members!

What if I have dietary restrictions/ physical limitations?2021-05-22T00:13:28+00:00

First, we will definitely get to know you before you arrive through various formats (questionnaires, phone calls, and our facebook group). So we’ll be fully prepared for you when you arrive and we’ll do our best to customize your needs. Both of your hosts are very experienced in dealing with people of all ages, shapes, limitations, and sizes – so no need to worry!

What does the total cost cover?2022-10-01T16:38:14+00:00

Once payment is made and your flight is booked (and you’ve purchased travel insurance) our intention is for you to simply show up to our retreat and we’ll take care of the rest! The total price will cover accommodation, food, all group activities, and group transportation during the retreat. You can bring extra spending money for souvenirs and additional activities. You will be responsible and required to obtain your own travel insurance.

How much does the retreat cost?2021-09-21T11:38:46+00:00

Pricing and details on our retreats can be found on the individual retreat page. And if you have additional questions, feel free to Contact Us.

Does the price include Airfare?2021-05-22T00:11:27+00:00

No, you will be responsible for your airfare. However, as avid travelers, we will provide you tips and tricks on how to find the best deal out there.

How do I secure my spot?2021-09-21T19:54:22+00:00

Simply click one of the book now buttons and you’ll be taken to our 3rd party booking site where you can secure your spot within minutes by paying the non-refundable deposit. One of our retreat coordinators will then be in touch to share the next steps! We look forward to hosting you!

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