One of our main goals at The Whole Experience is to create a sense of Community. Most women will enter this experience alone, and leave as a part of a tribe. We are so lucky to have amazing women from diverse backgrounds join us in exotic destinations around the world. What they bring to our tribe is the special spice that makes each retreat fun and unique. Their stories are powerful and we are grateful for how they came to be a part of our tribe. Read on for retreat testimonials from many of the countries we’ve visited. And to review verified Facebook reviews click here.

We’d love for you to join us! See the future retreats or send us a note with any questions.

retreat testimonials

Costa Rica

Simply put, The Whole Experience “New Year, New Me” Costa Rica retreat embodied all aspects of emboldened empowerment I NEEDED as I navigate through my transformation journey. Tameika and Whitney ignited the well of fuel within me which I will use to embrace the insurgence of confidence, knowledge, gratitude and grace this event has gifted me. I have come to cherish the Costa Rica ‘24 tribe of women dearly. Believe me… they will be a special energy source I tap into while paving my way forward to achieve my goals this year & in the future. Pura Vida! :flag-cr::smiling_face_with_3_hearts: ~ Chay 2024


I had the honor and privilege of meeting and spending an incredible week with Phenomenal Women! The Whole Experience Costa Rica 2024 Retreat exceeded all expectations. Tameika and Whitney are wonderful – they guide you through every step, from signing up to getting there and once there -an incredible time with wonderful food. But what made the experience is the Tribe!!! These women were absolutely the best – the friendships developed, I hope, will be for a lifetime! The space to be oneself, unabashedly, to explore oneself while living in nature – absolutely the best, and the food!!! No words can describe!!! Thank you Tameika, Whitney and your entire crew for helping me start 2024 with a clear and excited outlook! Thank you to the Costa Rica 2024 Tribe for making this experience one I will forever treasure and never forget! Peace and continued Blessings!!! –Sharon 2024


This trip was AMAZING!!!! Did not know what to expect when I booked, but I’m so grateful and beyond happy that I did. Tameika and Whitney are truly pros when it comes to creating a beautiful, WHOLE retreat experience. Every little detail was thoughtful and planned. The activities were meaningful, fun and helpful. The retreat location was perfect. The hotel was booked for our group only, no sharing the facility with other guests. The accommodations were in the most perfect setting! The rooms were spacious and clean. Each room had a personal safe. We had a personal chef during the entire retreat who catered the most delicious, creative foods. We even had an opportunity to visit her restaurant, which was quite an experience in itself! Yoga was in a studio looking out at the mountains and lush surroundings. It was an experience I actually looked forward to in the mornings! Latin dancing, sound therapy, beach trips, group activities, time for personal development – it was all that!!! Also, time spent with other women, listening and telling personal histories, the friendships that were made – PRICELESS! Do not hesitate booking a trip with Tameika and Whitney! They know what they’re doing! I highly recommend The Whole Experience! I just got back, and I’m already waiting for them to drop dates for the next retreat! You will not be disappointed! Krishmaa, PMHNP 2024


WOW! This trip with The Whole Experience exceeded all of my expectations! When Tameika G and Whitney G advertise a white glove experience, they mean it! I was guided the entire way through the process as a solo traveler. This Costa Rica wellness retreat was nothing short of magical! I spent 8 blissful days with 21 other phenomenal women, including Tameika and Whitney. Chef Maya provided deliciously satisfying vegetarian meals 3 times a day! Accommodations were impeccable. I enjoyed all of the daily movement activities facilitated by either Whitney or Tameika, including yoga and boot camp! They were truly invested in each and every one of us in the most genuine and loving way! Wellness and adventure was promised and they truly delivered! Every day when I didn’t think it could get any better the G girls had another surprise up their sleeves! This trip is one of the best gifts I could ever give to myself! My cup is full and I feel transformed in the best way!

Carie B 2024

Carie B

Amazing! This is one of the best (travel and life) experiences ever. Tamieka and Whitney G. are amazing organizers, hosts and retreat leaders. Those are three very different skills and they execute them with expertise, poise, and grace. I met some amazing women at this retreat. The activities and retreat schedule were perfect. Tamieka and Whitney ensured all felt welcome and had their needs met. They supported all of us in addressing our goals for the retreat (if you came with specific goals) and helped all formulate goals and habits to make you the best version of yourself. THE FOOD WAS THE BOMB! Chef Maya is a genius with food. We ate a vegetarian diet for the entire week. Every meal was tasty, varied, and filling. Thank you Tamieka, Whitney G., Chef Maya, and Whitney C. for a wonderful week. I’ll definitely sign up for another Whole Experience trip. – Kym 2024


My trip to Costa Rica exceeded all of my expectations! This was my first solo international trip and it came with nerves initially – though they quickly went away. It was very clear that a lot of thought and planning went into this experience. Our resort at Aves was absolutely beautiful with scenic views and staff that felt like friends. The food … chef’s kiss :) The adventure was pure fun with ziplining, exploring Montezuma, boot camps, game night, turtle release, and of course lots of laughter. I also found it refreshing to relax and reset each day with things like yoga/meditation, pool time, reading in my porch hammock time with hummingbird visits, and the simplicity of just being outside all the time in the gorgeous jungle. What stands out the most for me are the lifelong friendships I made during this week and how I came home more intuned and motivated with myself. This trip was life-changing and I cannot wait for my next Whole Experience excursion. Thank you Whitney, Tameika, and Hannah for creating this beautiful week for our tribe! ♡ Pura Vida ♡


“This was a life changing experience with an amazing tribe of women! Costa Rica and Aves Resort were the perfect places to relax and be at peace. The Whole Experience leader Whitney is even more amazing, warm, and beautiful in person! Whitney put together a beautiful holistic program! I am definitely traveling with this group again!”


“This trip to Costa Rica with The Whole Experience was a life changing to say the least. I had some of the best experiences and made a tribe of long lasting friendships. These memories will last a lifetime. I can’t easy enough about all of the unexpected surprises. The baby sea turtles release, the boat ride to Turtuga Island and sound therapy. This and more was all included with the trip. I will definitely go again on one of the Whole Experience trips!!!”

Adrienne C.

“This was the trip of a lifetime! I met so many wonderful women that I can confidently say will be lifelong friends. The itinerary was well rounded and well organized and I felt comfortable and safe from beginning to end. I experience so many “firsts” and “once in a lifetime” moments during this retreat, I highly recommend!”


WOW! This trip with The Whole Experience exceeded all of my expectations! When Tameika G and Whitney G advertise a white glove experience, they mean it! I was guided the entire way through the process as a solo traveler. This Costa Rica wellness retreat was nothing short of magical! I spent 8 blissful days with 21 other phenomenal women, including Tameika and Whitney. Chef Maya provided deliciously satisfying vegetarian meals 3 times a day! Accommodations were impeccable. I enjoyed all of the daily movement activities facilitated by either Whitney or Tameika, including yoga and boot camp! They were truly invested in each and every one of us in the most genuine and loving way! Wellness and adventure was promised and they truly delivered! Every day when I didn’t think it could get any better the G girls had another surprise up their sleeves! This trip is one of the best gifts I could ever give to myself! My cup is full and I feel transformed in the best way!

Carie B

“We had an amazing and transformational time! The people, the food, the location, the joy, the thoughtfulness… Words don’t really come close to expressing how impactful this retreat was! Miss the jungle already!”


Costa Rica was a great time with The Whole Experience. It was relaxing and fun. We had a great group of women. The food was delicious and the outings were fun!


“I traveled to Costa Rica in November with the Whole Experience. This trip was life-changing! Whitney and Tameka are true professionals who went above and beyond to make ensure the trip was special and that everyone had an amazing time. From the initial interview to the attention to detail, the Whole Experience, far exceeded my expectations. The resort was spectacular, the hosts were top-notch, and the excursions…on point, and my fellow travelers…sensational! What an amazing group of professional, beautiful, and delightful women. This was my first trip with the Whole Experience, but definitely will not be my last. I plan to take a trip once a year, maybe”

LaToya T

“The Whole Experience Costa Rica was perfect. I can’t begin to express what this experience meant for my daughters and me. The positive Energy I Felt from The women On this Retreat was amazing. The bonding between my daughters and me brought me the feeling of LOVE AND JOY. Tameka and Whitney brought energy, focus, fun, and spirituality and set an atmosphere of unconditional love and empowerment. I added morning warm lemon tea and meditation to my morning routine. I found a deep love and acceptance of myself and let go of the past holding me back. I left feeling inspired and grateful for the opportunity. This was my first Whole Experience retreat but definitely not the last. This retreat was truly transformational for me. Oh, and Andie was AMAZING in helping me figure out my travel plans. Without her, I probably would have ended up in Panama 🤦🏽‍♀️. LoL Kisha St. Croix Virgin Islands”

Kisha C

“The Costa Rica retreat was everything I never knew I needed. After the last year and a half, I was mentally and physically drained and in need of a change. Whitney and Tameika welcomed us with open arms and created a safe haven to cry, laugh and grow. 10 strangers came together under the right circumstances and nurtured friendships that will last a lifetime. I left Costa Rica with my cup filled and forever grateful for the experience.”

Charmaine J

“This experience was absolutely life-changing! It was everything I never knew I needed clothed in everything I could possibly want. I wholeheartedly recommend ANY trip curated by Whitney and Tameika—two consummate professionals, working on their purpose and enriching lives, like mine, through wellness and world travel!”

Nykeah C

“This experience was absolutely life-changing! It was everything I never knew I needed clothed in everything I could possibly want. I wholeheartedly recommend ANY trip curated by Whitney and Tameika—two consummate professionals, working on their purpose and enriching lives, like mine, through wellness and world travel!”

Donia Aly

“In August I decided to embark on a journey to wholeness and make myself a priority for the first time in my life. I realized how much emotional and psychological trauma I had been carrying and knew that I needed to completely disconnect from the busyness of life to reconnect with my authentic self. I started to look for a wellness retreat that would help kick start my journey. One that would be a holistic experience centered on renewed physical, social/emotional, and spiritual health. In my search I came across The Whole Experience and knew immediately that God was setting me up for something special. They curated such an incredible experience and literally took care of EVERY SINGLE detail from beginning to end. From the transportation, being the only group staying on a luxury resort, three vegetarian meals a day prepared by a private chef, adventures & activities, wellness seminars, bootcamp and so much more! Tameika and Whitney, thank you for holding space for us and creating such a life changing experience for us to share with a beautiful community of like-minded sisters. I am eternally grateful for you both!”


“Magic! Absolute magic! Tameika and Whitney hold the keys to what is needed for selfcare, no doubt! Their priority to provide a holistic wellness program in such spectacular places, cherry-picked to support wholeness of mind, body and spirit is beyond compare. I had the pleasure of joining the recent Costa Rica tribe where professionalism was clearly paramount. If you have thought for one moment take a holistic-based trip, you’d be best served with The Whole Experience. Words that come to mind: trusted, class-act, walking in their calling, experienced, biggest hearts, passionate, funny, guardians of wellness. The Whole Experience? The best thing you can do for your selfcare journey! You will be in excellent hands and the better for it!”

Quinea Postell

“Good Morning and Glorious Sunday to each of you beautiful queens! 😍 🙌🙏🙌💃💯 I am so thankful for the time and opportunity that I was presented by my beautiful bestie, Cynthia to come to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 for a women’s retreat. I had no idea that I will encounter such a magnitude of amazing experiences….and let me emphasize a WHOLE EXPERIENCE!! TAMIEKA AND WHITNEY, thank you!!! Thank you both for impacting my life and 16 other women on our amazing journey in Costa Rica. 🇨🇷 ❤ One very important factor I noticed about my health is that my “heart” ❤ can endure strenuous activity. With the challenge of the Eco tour on Isla Tortuga and many activities that required hiking with man-made STAIRS….I freaking did it 👏 🙌 😳 I learned to breathe differently while walking and climbing the stairs and with this challenge I am coming home to a “new me” to challenge my fitness goals. Yes, I came home to eat some chicken and fish😜😁😆…but, I basically eat healthy, but I will tweet/incorporate some food items in my daily routine. I am on a mission to lose 10lbs to 15lbs…as we age, I noticed it’s harder to lose quickly without exercise. So my journey begins…and I am so excited. I have met some amazing women who I wish nothing but the best. I will share the Whole Experience with many!! I love the phrase… are the CEO of your LIFE and your BODY!I love each and everyone 💕 of you and thank you all for your beautiful presence, hugs and smiles!! Tamieka and Whitney, your professionalism and kindness is beyond what I ever could imagine. Trust me, this will not be my last Whole Experience!! Love you, All!! ❤❤💃💃”


“The Whole Experience Retreat was beyond words. From the Aves Hotel & Resort to the wonderful people of Costa Rica, and the new friendships that were created. These last 7 days I learned a lot about myself, my interactions with like minded women, and what is next for myself in 2021 and beyond. Tameika and Whitney curated an experience that allowed you to explore part of the world and yourself. Can’t wait to go on another retreat in 2022!”

Vee Bleu

“When I arrived in Costa Rica, I was stressed and anxious. It was my first time traveling in 2 years. I had been struggling with grief and feeling lost. There were some tears and laughter throughout the week. I left feeling refreshed and ready to continue my wellness journey. Tameika and Whitney were there for hugs when you needed them and encouragement. There were fun activities to choose from or just lay by the pool if you needed to rest. This trip was -The Whole Experience.- I can’t wait till the next one.”

retreat testimonials


Olga was our very first tribe member to join us all the way from the U.K! Olga told us she often saw other people doing fun things and decided she was tired of waiting on other people to go out and explore with. So she decided to take action and join our tribe and we couldn’t be happier she did. She stated that one of her New Year’s resolutions of 2018 was to learn new things. Based on her testimonial we are happy we were able to help her in her quest of knowledge that she can apply on her wellness journey.

“Making The Whole Experience my retreat of choice was one of the best decisions of 2017, and I would urge others to do the same. In addition to the workouts and yoga, we were armed with tools to make healthy living, internally and externally, sustainable for the future. I left feeling renewed and with an improved sense of self. Whitney and Tameika are G’s by name and G’s by nature . They brought 14 women together as strangers and we left as tribe members/friends – it was a pleasure to spend the week with a diverse group of confident women from all walks of life.”

Olga Miyagu

Yinka joined us from Chicago. A lawyer by trade, Yinka also spends her time training for triathlons! She has already completed two and has her sights set on a third. We were blown away by Yinka’s story as when she started training for triathlons, she didn’t know how to swim. She is the shining example that the body is able to accomplish anything if you are committed. We are so fortunate to have Yinka inspiring all of us to strive for our goals no matter how big.

“My favorite part of this experience has really been the awesome comradery and sisterhood that has formed with the other women who are participating at this retreat. It’s really been such a natural experience with some great bonding moments. I have also really enjoyed the nice balance between the health and wellness activities like working out, yoga with the cultural immersion. Actually having the opportunity to go into the city and meet people, experience different cuisine and really get to know a little bit about Bali, has been amazing!”

Yinka Owolabi

“The Whole Experience is a transformative opportunity geared towards exposing participants to a lifestyle of mindfulness, healthy eating, and physical activity in a unique part of the world. Attendees can expect an exceptional location, phenomenal meals and a week-long scheduled filled with productive sessions, cultural experiences, and practical tools and resources that I can implement in my day to day life. One of my favorite aspects of this retreat was the personal attention from Whitney and Tameika leading up to the actual retreat. No email went unanswered as it relates to my preparation for the trip. While in Bali, any changes to the schedule were quickly addressed in a way that enhanced attendees experiences. I 100% recommend the Whole Experience Retreat if you are looking to travel to a new country and also take time to refocus on your health and wellness goals.”

Naomi Amaha Gollnick

“I completed the Whole Experience Bali October 2018 retreat and it was everything I expected and more. Tameika and Whitney are amazing. The “G” ladies are the perfect duo for whole wellness living. Whitney’s early morning meditation and yoga sessions are a great start to your day and Tameika curates the perfect bootcamp routines that will challenge but not overwhelm you. They provided delicious vegetarian and vegan meals, using local farmers and stores. They also made sure we felt right at home and pampered by adding in a few message treatments into the schedule. The added bonus for me, was the offsite adventures. I did not expect to learn so much about Bali and have the opportunity to get in so much excursions. My ultimate favorite activity this trip, was the bike ride through the city of Ubud. If you’re thinking of trying something new, wanting to meet like-minded individuals and ready to challenge yourself, this retreat is for you!”

Gerri Etienne

“If you are like me and want new experiences, to start traveling internationally, and taking better care of yourself BUT also find yourself putting it off and staying in your “comfort zone” , then The Whole Experience Retreat might be your perfect match. The Whole Experience Retreat allowed me to experience a beautiful country, interesting culture, excellent food, and gracious people all while incorporating meditation, yoga and exercise! I would have never done this without taking this opportunity. Bali gave me life! Tameika and Whitney thought of every detail to make us feel pampered, challenged, inspired, capable and most importantly loved. These ladies passion is contagious and as a team they truly made this a trip to remember. So glad I stepped out of my “comfort zone” and into a whole new experience where I left feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit!”

Tammy Sims

“The whole experience is appropriately named as it truly enabled me to recenter and take good care of all – mind, body, and soul. Tameika and Whitney are amazing and have created a perfect balance of education, fun, adventure, and amazing opportunity to connect with like minded ladies all at the same time. Truly one of the best times of my life!”

Joy Fisher

“This retreat is nothing short of amazing. The name speaks for itself. Everything is so well planned out and you’re left wanting nothing. From the hotel accommodations and private chef, to the excursions and Tribe talks, it is all worth it. I had the pleasure of meeting 14 exceptional women from around the world and made some amazing memories. If you are wanting the opportunity to recharge, socialize and travel all at the same time, then the Whole Experience Retreat is not one to be missed. Tameika and Whitney have truly thought of it all! Thank you again for the experience of a LIFETIME”

Nesha Johnson

“I joined The Whole Experience to try to find the zen and healthy living motivation I lost a few years ago. Whitney and Tameika gave us a ton of sustainable ideas that I can’t wait to put into practice. I also got to connect with an incredible group of women who will be lifelong friends. All this in beautiful Bali, which Tameika and Whitney helped us explore through super fun activities. This was definitely a life-changing experience. Thank you, ladies!”

Rayo Flores

“I had an amazing time on this retreat. I would highly recommend The Whole Experience Retreat to anyone on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. Tameika and Whitney go above and beyond to make this retreat an unforgettable experience and everything was above par from the boot camp, yoga, and workshops to the vegetarian meals, day trips, and accommodations. Most of all I felt blessed to have an opportunity to connect with a wonderful group of amazing women.”

Michelle Dawson

“My time in Bali with The Whole Experience was phenomenal! I was impressed with Whitney & Tameika’s positivity, attention to detail and overall planning that made the week so special for all of us. I am beyond grateful to have shared space and energy with strangers who I now call friends. Besides what you think you know, Whitney and Tameika add special and unexpected surprises that reinforce just how unique this retreat is. If you are on the fence about this – YOU MUST SAY YES, you will be a better version of yourself because of it!”

Angeline Lim

“Loved it! Whitney and Tameka do a phenomenal job of providing a variety of experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. In addition to exploring a beautiful country, this retreat inspires and encourages women to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle and provides practical tips on how to do so. Attendees are sure to have many tips and “take-aways” that they can begin implementing the moment they return home. Lastly, the vision of building a “tribe” of women who support each other is truly unique. Whole Experience blends together women from all different walks of life and manages to create bonds that extend far beyond the duration of the retreat. I’m glad to have been a part of this experience.”

Micah Wilson

“The Whole Experience Retreat was truly a whole experience. Traveling to Bali was a new adventure for me and our wonderful hosts Tameika and Whitney welcomed us as family taking away any jitters. The eight days exposed me to the good and bad, my strengths and weaknesses, beauty and culture. Most importantly, a sisterhood of like minded wonderful women. Can’t wait for our future adventures!”

Chantia Carroll

“This retreat was everything I needed and more. I made amazing connections with other women from all walks of life across the world. I am very grateful that I was able to experience Bali with Tameika and Whitney’s guidance. This was my first international solo trip and they were super helpful through every step of the way. They even helped us with establishing our own connections in Bali should we need them for the future. If you are interested in/seeking:

Amazing food; Sisterhood/ Building connections; Conquering your fears; Exploring other cultures; Guidance in your fitness/ yoga journey; Traveling/ Looking for a place to start…

This retreat is for you. I hope that all women experience the same joy and peace as I did during the Whole Experience Retreat.”

Shaunette Alfred

“I’ve never been to a retreat. Since I’ve recently been on a health and fitness journey and my birthday was approaching I felt this would be the perfect gift for myself to start off my year. So I did it in Bali. Initially I was a bit hesitant since I didn’t know what to expect and if I was going to be able to connect on a personal level. This ended up being the best decision that I’ve made. I traveled solo and never felt alone. In fact I developed new friendships. It’s more like a sisterhood. I was able to share my authentic self in a safe environment. I was able to learn a lot, self reflect, exercise , meditate and explore Bali. Of course there is a lot more we did!! Everyone was so genuine and Tameika and Whitney made the entire process effortless despite the hard work that they did which is a true gift. This was an awesome experience and I will forever be grateful to the whole experience retreat!”

Cynthia Cezil

Chelsea hales from Houston, Texas and joined us with her best friend Roslyn for our first retreat in Bali. Chelsea is a professional counselor in a correctional facility. She appreciates the ability to be a light in a dark place. We are so inspired by her gregarious personality and how dedicated she is to the important work she does back home. A newlywed and an amazing friend we are so grateful to call Chelsea a tribe member.

“I had a lot of reservations about coming all the way to Bali. Obviously, the financial commitment that it takes to pull off a trip like this, the long air flight and time off of work. I am someone who is really committed to my work and I was concerned that taking that long off would cause problems for everyone around me. I was able to overcome these things by realizing that life is short and that I can’t be there to help other people if my cup is not full. So this retreat has been an amazing way for me to fill up and when I go home I will feel renewed, rejuvenated and ready to help the people that I love.”

Chelsea Ford

Lillian hails from Mississippi originally and has been a trauma/critical care nurse for the past twenty years. Not only does she work full time she is also enrolled in a Masters of Nursing program. Lillian has such a passion for life and her quick wit and charm won us all over immediately. We were so thankful she was able to make the time for herself and join us in beautiful Bali.

“What I really enjoyed about The Whole Experience is that Whitney works on the inner part of you, or what I like to call “innercise”, while Tameika works on your exercise and focuses a lot about how you look and perceive yourself on the outside. So with the Whole Experience, they are working us from the inside out. That’s how the change happens.”

Lillian Hawthorne

Roslyn joined us all the way from Houston, Texas. A licensed mental health counselor for one of the largest penitentiaries in the U.S. Roslyn inspires us with her role and her capacity to help others who need it the most. This trip was Roslyn’s first time to South East Asia and was one of our toughest tribe members, even getting her first tattoo during the trip. Roslyn also convinced her best friend Chelsea to join the Whole Tribe, they were the cutest friends. They frequently take trips and explore the world the world together. We love stories like these and feel so lucky that we were able to host them. Thank you Roslyn for the important work that you do and joining our tribe.

“The whole experience retreat was nothing less than extraordinary. It was clear that from the beginning Whitney and Tameika put their heart and soul into making this a wonderful experience for everyone. You can tell that they are both beautiful, genuine women that take joy from seeing other women grow physically and spiritually. The retreat gave us the opportunity to meet women from all over the world whom each brought their own life experiences to share with and help one another. If you want to see the world while working on all aspects of yourself then do yourself a favor and sign up for one of the whole experience retreats. It truly is the whole experience.”

Roslyn Igbani

“When I signed up for the Whole Experience Retreat I was so excited but I was also really nervous because I had been experiencing a range of health problems and I didn’t know if I’d be able to keep up. Before the retreat I emailed Whitney and Tameika to let them know about my limitations and they immediately put me at ease but it wasn’t until I got to the retreat that I learned how much effort they put into ensuring that I got the “whole experience.” Tameika had already thought of alterations to the workouts so that I could participate and Whitney ensured that all of my meals were cooked according to my restrictions. They both also checked up on me throughout the retreat to make sure I was doing ok. This retreat is truly for EVERY BODY! You can come as you are and you will be welcomed by not only Tameika and Whitney, but your fellow tribe members, who become your biggest cheerleaders! I left the retreat with a whole new sense of confidence in myself and my abilities. This was truly a life-changing experience!”

Kate Brown

Toc is a very special tribe member as she was the very first person to register. She said she even set an alarm so that she would be the first one to sign up. Toc is one of those beautiful people that truly believes in supporting other people and helping them achieve their dreams. This trip was also very meaningful for her as The Whole Experience Retreat was her first trip abroad! She certainly faced each experience with a brave face: letting a monkey jump on her shoulder, trying out new foods, and even showing us how to bargain with a little New York Style. An absolute light in our tribe, we are proud to say she will always be the first!

“The Whole Experience Retreat – Bali was truly an amazing experience for me! It was my first international trip…ever and I did it solo! I conquered my fear of traveling and met some amazing women on this journey – My Tribe. Tameika & Whitney are the best! They promised a once in a lifetime Whole Experience and that is exactly what they delivered. The retreat location was amazing! The friendly staff, and delicious vegetarian meals prepared by our personal chef (aka Chef Bae ) was a delight! From surprise foot massages, spa days, exploring Bali, daily workshops, kickass bootcamp with Corella (aka Tameika) and enlightening yoga classes with Whitney – I leave this experience equipped with the tools to continue the journey of a better more balanced ME!”


Tashana is a mother of two beautiful children and has been working in child protection for the last eight years. Originally born in Jamaica, she moved to Canada when she was just six years old. We were so inspired by her story and how she empowers other mothers to take time for themselves. We dubbed Tashana the “community generator” as she has an amazing ability to talk and connect with anyone and was always getting the whole group talking and laughing.

“I have an eleven year old and a eight month old. So of course, flying halfway across the world to go to a retreat was difficult but I did it and I made the decision to come for myself. Because as a mother sometimes we lose a part of ourselves, only focusing on our children. I feel that I really needed to rebalance, refocus, to have that time for myself so that I can be a better Mother to my children. So that’s why I am here and it’s been amazing!”

Tashana Thomas

Tribe member Alicia made her way all the way from Canada to join us in Bali. She was in need of a well deserved break. She not only works as an Administrative Coordinator at a university, but she also works at a shelter for homeless and abused women and children. Alicia was by far our most animated tribe member to date and we all enjoyed her ability to out shop the group. She has such a beautiful soul and touched us all with her positivity and infectious smile.

“I can’t think of a better name for this retreat – The Whole Experience. It truly was. I can’t remember the last time that my body, mind, and soul were so satiated. Tameika and Whitney poured their heart and soul into this retreat which created the most warm and welcoming vibes for our tribe. It was such a pleasure to share this experience with so many beautiful souls. I’ve gained a new perspective, new friendships, and everlasting memories. So very thankful for this vision that was brought to life. xo

Alicia McGregor
retreat testimonials


I had a spectacular time with the Whole Experience retreat in Spain. I was very impressed with the personalized guest experience I received from booking onwards. The activities included yoga, meditation, hiking, boot camp, wine tasting, flamenco dancing, a tour of The Alhambra, beach day, and also bonding with a great group of women who met as strangers and left as friends. The whole experience has set the bar high for future wellness retreats. I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into putting on this retreat and I have to say Whitney and Tameika did a great job!!

Heather J

From the beautiful mountains, delicious food, graceful hosts, and lovely participants; this wellness retreat lived up to all my expectations. I loved interacting with women with a common goal and purpose. The morning meditation and yoga were refreshing. The food was nourishing and delicious. I have taken with me a new perspective on my physical and spiritual well-being. I hope to be a part of this tribe for many years to come.

Jocelyn A

“This trip was phenomenal and is one I will always think about. Tameika and Whitney genuinely care about the well-being of their clients. From the time I registered to beyond the last day of the trip, I felt so well taken care of and had a blast on this retreat! Their workshops were on target, and the daily body movement with either hiking, yoga, boot camp, or walking felt incredible. The food options were great, our villa was adorable, and I loved all of the sightseeing.

I cannot thank the Whole Experience team enough for this extraordinary experience!”

Sandi M
retreat testimonials


“I attended the Thailand retreat so of coarse that’s a must but I will recommend any country’s retreat. These women are amazing and doing something great. From Day 1 to the final Day7/8 you will be booked and busy. If you want to travel the world, but also want to maintain health and wellness look no further. Tameika and Whitney both have welcoming and loving spirits. You will have a full on week long itinerary from meditation and morning walks to mental/financial workshops to country exploration and night shopping trips and free days to explore whatever that is dear to your heart. What I loved most is the ladies don’t pressure you to do anything but encourage you to do everything. You set your intention at the beginning and whatever that maybe you’ll stay true to it by the end. You get your money’s worth in the gorgeous high quality accommodations and will be full and satisfied with the vegetarian meals prepared by a local private chefs. Oh let me not forget you will meet beautiful queens from all around the globe that have beautiful souls and you’ll leave maintaining at least one new found relationship. You will get a whole experience in whatever country you choose so chose 1 lol.”

Jennifer Coleman

“Amazing experience with some phenomenal ladies. There is nothing better than not having to plan on vacation..well The whole experience takes care of that for while feeding your mind, body and spirit. They do it with top notch accommodations food, education, across the board..the whole experience to address the whole you.”

Sumara White

“Thailand 2018 was fantabulous. It was my first time traveling to Asia and having a 19 hour flight, so I was a little nervous. Whitney and Tameika made everything easy and seamless. I wanted to reset my Healthy Lifestyle Journey, and I learned new tools of Meditation, Mindfulness; and learned how to actually affirm, encourage, and be more appreciative of my body, regardless where I am in my Journey. I truly experienced wholeness and everything in between like cooking, shopping, laughter, and exploring Thailand. I am so grateful for this experience, and I am already planning my next Experience. Continued Success in Life and Business!!!”

Natasha Patrick

“Turning 40 was a milestone I wanted to celebrate, however I wasn’t sure how! While scrolling through FB I saw an ad for a health and wellness retreat. What caught my attention was a picture of a sista with an elephant! I was sold! When I tell you God ordered my footsteps to these beautiful souls, oh boy did He! Not only did they celebrate me on my birthday, they gave me clothes to wear when my bag got lost! I am forever grateful for the love, life lessons, private chef, morning walks, yoga, bootcamp, and a host of new sisters that will forever be my tribe! Thank you to The Whole Experience for giving me just that! 

Rasheda Jenkins

“Where to begin, just wrapped up a week in Phuket on The Whole Experience Retreat and my heart is full of happiness, inspiration and love for the tribe! It’s hard to imagine that a week in Thailand with 14 women could have the ability to be so transformative and uplifting but when you meet Tameika and Whitney you quickly start to realize that they have created a very special platform for women around the world to come together and share in an experience of a lifetime. The retreat is the right balance of:

1. Health: from bootcamps, yoga and healthy eating

2. Culture: sightseeing, cooking classes, island hopping and adventures with local wildlife

3. Friendship: bonding and uniting on shared goals, struggles and hopes

4. Inner reflection: meditation and time to work on yourself from the inside out.

If you are looking for adventure while also working on your own personal growth and development in a beautiful setting with a group of amazing ladies then consider The Whole Experience Retreat.”

Farrah Khimji

“Well I have known one of the founders of The Whole Experience since college. So initially I wanted to come to support her. But what I found when I got here was a whole other level of amazingness! I had the opportunity to come together with women from all over for this wellness retreat. It was an awesome experience and I truly was able to take the time to get back to me! I seriously got my zen on.

I was always taught to look toward the future, to strive for my successes, to do what it took. The stresses that came with that mindset though were very real. And because of it, NYC was taking a toll on me. But the week taught me to be more mindful of my present. I found happiness in silly places. I focused on my attitude and fitness. And it all came from a place of self love. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I feel more like myself again.

Thanks T and Whit for having me here and taking this journey with me!”

Julia Iafrate

“Just finished my 3rd trip with the ‘G’ girls and they never cease to amaze me. I always have the most amazing experience, the Villas are always wonderful, the chefs dishes are always delicious, the outings are always special and the tribe is always fun and it’s great being in the company of like minded people. Just try one trip and I guarantee you will be planning for more. I love The Whole Experience it has allowed me to travel solo with no worries what so ever!”

Yvette Daniels

“WOW! Mind blowing! These women are remarkable! The Whole Experience Retreat was life changing. My intentions was to experience something new, both with traveling as well as in my life choices, what these beautiful women gave to me was SO much more! The entire tribe were strangers when we arrived, we left as sisters! LOVED IT, LOVED THEM THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, TAMEIKA & WHITNEY!”

Tasha Mone't Williams

“The Whole Experience Thailand retreat – 2019 was absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I arrived as a solo traveler but left feeling connected to 14 awesome ladies. From the spectacular villa, the delicious food prepared by our amazing chef, the fun excursions, boot camps, yoga/meditation, to the workshop sessions; Whitney and Tameika made sure that each one of us had an experience of a lifetime. Believe me, this was an experience that I will never forget. I am so honored to be a part of this Tribe of ladies. If you are considering going on one of their retreats, just Do It. You will not regret it. I can’t wait to join the G-girls again in 2021.”

retreat testimonials


“I had such an amazing time in Kenya with the Whole Experience! Everything and everyone was delightful; from Tameika, and the women I attended the retreat with, to the accommodations and excursions! I hope To attend another retreat in the future. Thanks for the great experience Whole Experience Team!.”

Asya B

“Amazing!! Really was the whole experience of beaches, safari, and culture. My 1st international trip and I felt safe, loved, and completely enjoyed the trip. THANK U ladies!”

Kimberly S

“Hi, I just returned from Kenya with the Tribe and enjoyed this awesome trip. The resort was amazing including our friends, the monkeys. 😊 Even more amazing was the trip to the villages and the stay in the Safari amongst the animals. I am blessed to have taken this journey. Thanks Tameka, Whitney and Mrs. Assistant(sorry, I forgot your name👏🏾) for putting together these fabulous trips).”

Felicia C

“Hi everyone! I am a tribe member that was able to join the Kenya, Africa retreat in 2022. This trip with The While Experience surpassed all my expectations and was a trip of a lifetime! There was adventure, sisterhood, mindfulness, yummy food, and so much laughter! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made to trust in Tameika and Whitney and fly across the world for this retreat. I appreciate the time and attention they took to every detail and I look forward to attending another experience with them. Thank you for all the memories that will last a lifetime 🥰”

Ashley S

“I have traveled with the Whole Experience twice, Thailand in 2019 and Kenya in 2022. I must say the Whole Experience never seize to amaze me. On my most recent trip to Kenya, Africa, this was my first retreat traveling across the world solo and I must say the Whole Experience helped me every step of the way and helped me travel in confidence, remain optimistic and hopeful being a solo traveler ensuring me that everything would be just fine. And I must say they were 100% correct, the Africa trip was majestical and surpassed several expectations and eliminated any reservations I had in the beginning. I had so much fun and enjoyed everything from the adventurous Safari game drives, the culture of the Masai Village, the local Swahili food such as Chapati and Pilau, and the excursions such as snorkeling. The Whole Experience literally handles everything from the food, the accommodation, excursions, etc…all you have to do is show up. What I like most is that they allow you to create and define what your whole experience looks like for you. Meaning they don’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do and always remain so positive throughout the week-long journey. Everyone involved in the Whole Experience from Andie to Tamieka and Whitney, are such great beings and always full of positive energy. I’d definitely return on a retreat again with this company.”

Jennifer C

“The G girls have done it again!!! Kenya was AMAZING! Every detail was planned out and each day was better than the one before. The Whole Experience promised adventure and that is exactly what I received, followed by plenty of laughter, relaxation, and bonding. By far the best trip I have ever been on. This is my second trip with these ladies but I’m already anticipating the next. If you’re on the fence about signing up, just do it, you won’t regret it.”

Charmaine J

“Talking about “the WHOLE experience”, it is just that and MORE! I am a travel RN, but this was my first time traveling internationally and alone. They made the process seamless and provided extra support by holding my hand when I was unsure. The entire experience was much more than I had expected. It was my birthday and I can say the best birthday of my life. I met beautiful women and was able to gain wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually; it was a reset, renew and recharge! I could write an entire book on this experience. I am looking forward to the next retreat and am in the process of planning now.”

Dr. Ebonee Gresham

“This was my very first international solo trip and I wouldn’t have wanted to experience this trip in any other way! The preparation and planning that went into my personal experience helped me to enjoy every minute of this trip. I will definitely travel with “WeTravel” again and refer others as well!! Amazing!!”

Rachel F

“Experienced everything you could possibly want to experience in this one trip! Perfect trip for those who want to explore authentic aspects of Africa and its culture and are prepared for adventure. This trip touched my soul.”

Dana B
retreat testimonials


“My time with The Whole Experience was amazing! These ladies do an incredible job of crafting an experience that’s fun and restoring where you get to explore a new place while making some really positive lifestyle changes. They’ve given me so many tips I’m incorporating back at home and do such a great job of building community.

I went to their retreat in Tuscany and could’ve picked a better vacation option.”

Tasia Hawkins

“This was an amazing retreat and experience. I enjoyed the fellowship, food, location, and accommodations. A special thanks to the hosts, whose attention to detail, created a personal touch that made this experience especially engaging and rejuvenating!”

Latricia Boone

“Certainly a retreat like no other! It’s not one of those crazy daily hourly yoga boot camp deal. It was a perfect blend of everything – I came out feeling renewed- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Both Tameika and Whitney are like your girls next door and they shared their journey during the retreat only to make you realize this well being journey is possible and sustainable. Since returning, I’ve managed to consistently kept up with my new found healthy habits and more it’s helped me shift my perspective of how I see myself and the world around me.

The tribe talks, the journaling, intention setting and many more that these duo arranged (we also had a wine tour and explored parts of Tuscany ) made the trip eventful and meaningful. Rest assured you’ll come home with a new found support system! Thank you ladies! And keep doing what you are doing!!”

Darshini Govindaraju

“Certainly a retreat like no other! It’s not one of those crazy daily hourly yoga boot camp deal. It was a perfect blend of everything – I came out feeling renewed- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Both Tameika and Whitney are like your girls next door and they shared their journey during the retreat only to make you realize this well being journey is possible and sustainable. Since returning, I’ve managed to consistently kept up with my new found healthy habits and more it’s helped me shift my perspective of how I see myself and the world around me.

The tribe talks, the journaling, intention setting and many more that these duo arranged (we also had a wine tour and explored parts of Tuscany ) made the trip eventful and meaningful. Rest assured you’ll come home with a new found support system! Thank you ladies! And keep doing what you are doing!!”

Ami McReynolds
retreat testimonials

South Africa

“Thee most exciting travel experience I’ve ever had. Tamika and Whitney are masters at their craft and have honed the skills to help others vibrate on higher levels. I’m sure my adventures will continue with them in the near future, and perhaps with some of you. Traveling the world 🌎 while enhancing our souls.”

Susan J

“I have written and deleted this review several times because words cannot describe The Whole Experience Retreats. The hosts, Whitney and Tameika, are beautiful souls. I can understand why they have an amazing friendship. Not only do they understand each other very well, but they understand you as well. They do their best to make you feel comfortable while being away from home. They are very attentive to your needs. I had a spiritual awakening while in the Motherland and I experienced it with some of most joyous, energizing, and loving people I have ever met. Honestly, words cannot describe how refreshed you will feel after attending one of the Whole Experience Retreats. I am a Tribe Member for LIFE! Thank you for an amazing experience that I will never forget ❤️”

Nesha J

“The Whole Experience retreat in Cape Town superseded all of my expectations. Tameika and Whitney curated an experience that included adventure, relaxation, movement, self-reflection, sisterhood, cultural education, and celebration. Both Tameika and Whitney were intentional about holding space for every woman that attended and created a space that was authentic, safe, and fun. They stayed true to their brand the entire week and made sure that we all had a “whole experience” in Cape Town, South Africa!”

Monique J

Nicole L“Whitney and Tameika put together an incredible, all-inspiring retreat in South Africa. Every step of the way was planned perfectly with so much attention to detail and care for the whole group. They made the experience feel like a sisterhood. The activities we did were centered on wellness, culture, and self-care. I loved every moment! It truly was the whole experience. I can’t wait to go on my next retreat with these ladies!”

Nicole L

“I attended the retreat in South Africa not fully grasping the impact that it would have on my life. I am now back in the real world, and I find myself relying on the tools that Whitney and Tameika eloquently taught me. I learned how to manifest my life, meditate, eat better, connect with others and most importantly to love myself. This retreat was a catalyst for creating the life that I want and deserve. I know that going across the world to meet strangers seems daunting, but you will leave this retreat with family. The passion that Tameika and Whitney have for helping others is magical. You need this magic in your life. South Africa will always have a special place in my heart because of them. Just pack your bags and bring an open heart. The Whole Experience will do the rest.”

Daphne H

“The Whole Experience is just that…a WHOLE EXPERIENCE…an entire VIBE! I’m not sure how the ladies of The Whole Experience do it, but they attracted the most beautiful, energetic, positive ladies to this South Africa retreat. I have to say my fellow retreat guests were my favorite part of my week in the Motherland. Every activity and outing was purposeful and enjoyable. The visit to historical landmarks, the hikes, the winery, and the surprise dinner…ALL of it was an unforgettable experience. The meals were more than delicious! I was so happy that my vegan lifestyle was supported with each meal. I felt so spoiled with having a colorful array of foods presented at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The chef was top-notch. I will forever be grateful for the experience that Tameika and Whitney curated JUST FOR ME and I look forward to the next Whole Experience.”

NiKesha F

“From the carefully curated itinerary of experiences and delectable nourishing dishes prepared by our private chef to the mindful moments and special space held for sisterly connection, this indeed was The Whole Experience. No matter how experienced you are with travel, whether this is your first trip or your 50th, Tameika and Whitney are a dynamic duo that will exceed expectations. These two women were with us every step of the way, available around the clock, with professionalism and flexibility to ensure everyone had the best experience. I left feeling refreshed on every level of my mind, body, and soul. Cape Town, South Africa, is a destination that will forever hold a place in my heart and memories. Thank you to The Whole Experience team and my new tribe!”

Cambria J

I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa, but it wasn’t a trip I wanted to do on my own. I booked this trip as a solo traveler and left with a handful of new friends! We packed A LOT into this one week, and I really enjoyed not having to plan anything. The villa was comfortable and had spectacular views, the private chef was AMAZING, the staff was incredibly accommodating and welcoming, and Tameika and Whitney were there every steps of the way to support and encourage us! It was nice to have a trip that focused on health and wellness that still allowed us to take in the culture, sight-see, and even get some adventuring in! Cannot recommend The Whole Experience enough. This retreat was the perfect balance of mindfulness and fun, and it was a GREAT way to see one of the coolest cities in the world!

Jasmin M

“This trip was hands down one of the best trips I have taken. The city was amazing. Our amazing hosts Whitney and Tameika truly made us feel special with their attention to detail and focus on health and wellness. We had great chef-prepared meals every day. We stayed at a gorgeous villa in Cape Town. We were able to experience so much of Cape Town’s beautiful and unique culture. The highlight for me was the connections that I developed with all the amazing women on this trip. My tip is don’t be afraid to try something new and maybe go on this trip alone. You will leave with an amazing tribe in the end!”

LaKeisha D

“There are so many great things I could tell you about my Whole Experience Retreat in South Africa but I don’t want to ruin it for you! Tameika and Whitney were hands down the most down to earth hostesses.  Both women are just a wealth of knowledge willing to share with you all they’ve learned in their own health and wellness journey and I will be forever grateful for that. The workouts, yoga, meditation, food and activities were amazing.  My heart was full of gratitude when it was over. I was able to connect with other likeminded women and really feel as though I’m part of a tribe. Don’t second guess this retreat. Treat yourself, you’ll be glad you did!  Thanks again Tameika and Whitney!! Keep inspiring women, one tribe at a time! ”

Marquita Jackson

“This retreat was truly one of a kind. Tameika and Whitney are genuine in their practices and have mastered the BALANCE in health and wellness and how to share that passion with others. Even in a group setting they really focus on each individuals needs and empower you to be your best self both inside and out.This was my first international travel and they made sure I was well informed every step of the way, from best times to book to a complete itinerary of the activities we would be participating in. The pictures and posts on fb while amazing, cant even begin to describe the sisterhood and unique bonds that are formed all while exploring an amazing country. Its been a little over a week since my return home and we are all still connected and encouraging each other in our health journeys. Did I mention the food? Or the accommodations? Our chef was amazing. Every meal was colorful, tasty, and left you feeling satisfied. The stay was like something out of a movie. But most of all I came home feeling so at PEACE. This experience left a lasting impact on my life and I will forever be grateful for MY TRIBE. Long story short- GO!!! Book this retreat! You owe it to yourself sis!”

Latasha Kirkland

“South Africa was a dream! And not only because of the idyllic backdrops, rolling mountains and vibrant culture. To be ushered into a newfound awareness of mindfulness, meditation and to wholly experience a fitness ethic like no other was well worth every penny! We laughed, cried, reflected, meditated, worked out, and communed together over the most creative and delectable vegetarian menu – shout out to our private chef, Tracey Young Husband. It was what I needed to get motivated and reset my lifestyle. If you’re contemplating going on a retreat – just do it! You will not regret it and it will be well worth your time and money!”

Michelle Burrell

“You need to go!! What an experience! This is a trip I will never forget. The accommodations were beautiful and luxurious, the hosts were inviting and thoughtful, the food was delicious and healthy and South Africa breathtaking! If you’re looking for a health conscious, restorative trip among people with great energy…read the first line!”

Kareen Lacroix

“An amazing ,truly transformative experience! From the inside out, this retreat catered to all the senses…visually stunning accommodations, a private chef who created meals as incredibly satisfying as they were aesthetically pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the palate…An eclectic group of interesting women with amazing stories to share. We laughed ..we cried… all to a backdrop of great music . We worked on our inner selves (loved the meditations outside whilst the sun rose)as well as our physical selves.  Tameika and Whitney are a great team, with impeccable taste and genuine warmth , I would literally follow them all over the world. So if you love health and wellness, travel, great food, extraordinary camaraderie and cultural excursions… The “Whole Experience” is absolutely a must!”

Sokie Harry

“The Whole Experience exceeded all of my expectations. The excursions we well planned and exciting. The vegan meals were delicious and I really feel a part of the Whole Experience tribe. I am looking forward to seeing my tribe sisters on a future Whole Experience trip”

Arlene D

“This was my third time in the motherland, first in South Africa, and it was nothing short of amazing!! What a transformative experience!!! Tameika and Whitney greet you with open arms and remind you every day that your journey is about YOU! Honoring and Celebrating YOU! It was the perfect balance of adventure, fun, and introspection. DELICIOUS food, EPIC views of Cape Town, hiking, dancing, meditating… there are activities for everyone to enjoy 😊. To all the QUEENS that I met on this trip, thank you for your kindness, support, and the LAUGHTER. Memories were made that I’ll cherish forever. I highly recommend The Whole Experience!!! Looking forward to the next retreat. Until then, spread love and stay blessed ❤”

Semhar K

“Life-changing!!!!!!! If this is your first-time solo traveling or if you are a seasoned traveler this retreat is for you. A nourishing balance between exploring and adventure with rest and relaxation Everything is at your own pace with no pressure or judgment to dip in and out of activities Whitney and Tameika create beautiful energy which supports self-reflection and what follows is a nourishing experience never to be forgotten.”

Jo P

“One word – amazing! The hosts were both beyond accommodating, gracious, and knowledgeable in the fitness and wellness space. They curated a week full of events that were meaningful and impactful that captured a wide audience with the diverse ladies that joined us. The villa was magnificent and the food provided by our chef was exciting and delicious – this is coming from a steak and potatoes Texan! While the hosts had jam packed days, they were flexible with attendance and encouraged personal free time to explore in Cape Town. I am happy and proud that I was able to attend and hope to attend many more retreats as my schedule allows with the lovely Tameka and Whitney! Every woman should be required to check this off of their bucket list with Tameka and Whitney!”

Deshanda F
retreat testimonials


“You know we are increasingly more well traveled and savvy so what could “The Whole Experience ” offer that we cannot do for ourselves? I just got back from an amazing trip to Greece where we had the most beautiful opportunity to be invited into the home of a Greek couple. They welcomed us into their home, we learned about Cretan culture while cooking with them, all the while sampling delicious wines. We learned how to make cheese, rice wrapped in wine leaves and Zucchini flowers, yummy cheese pancakes, and more…

There was so much warmth, laughter, sharing of culture, and delicious food. Such a magical evening. A truly uniquely curated experience… This is my second trip with Tameika and Whitney, yes they both have impeccable taste so the properties are always stunning, and the amazing tribe of women you meet is so rewarding…All of this AND the attention to detail and serendipitous experiences keep me coming back. Can’t wait for the next trip..”

Sokie Harry

“I recommend the Whole Experience enough. I attended Greece 2022 and it was amazing. Being in the beautiful country of Greece and immersing ourselves in the culture, we enjoyed great food and authentic experiences. Every aspect of our trip was carefully thought out with us in mind. The movement classes and wellness workshops were reminders that we need to make time to focus on one’s self. A group of women came together as strangers but left as tribe sisters. I would highly recommend them.”

Sheila W.

“I had the most memorable time. Met some dope ladies. Laughed. Shared. Cried. Ate the most amazing local dishes by our private Chef Costas. I just had a ball and will return on another destination. Perfect getaway for a reset and charge.”

Cyrstal Blackwell

“My experience in Greece was like no other…it truly is a ”whole” experience. Whitney and Tameika curate a unique trip that enriches mind, body and soul. It was a trip of a lifetime and I can ’t recommend it enough. From culinary experiences, to health coaching to sailing, Greece exceeded my expectations, and I am already plotting my next one. Beyond the most incredible trip I now have a tribe of women I can call friends! Thank you G girls!!!”

Agnieszka Piatek
retreat testimonials


“I had the most memorable time. Met some dope ladies. Laughed. Shared. Cried. Ate the most amazing local dishes by our private Chef Costas. I just had a ball and will return on another destination. Perfect getaway for a reset and charge.”

Gywnne Farley Birkner

“I went to the Whole Experience Retreat- Colombia not knowing a single person or even what to expect. It was an experience of a lifetime. Whitney and Tameika are even more amazing in person than they are online. The energy they bring each and everyday. The itinerary makes sure you get the experience of a lifetime. The ladies they attract to these retreats are beyond amazing! I left this retreat with a tribe of sisters that I feel I’ve known my entire life. These ladies truly give you the WHOLE EXPERIENCE and it is their personal mission to make sure you are comfortable, safe, and having the time of your life. I highly recommend The Whole Experience Retreats!”

Erica Carter

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