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Our Top Tips to Safe & Healthy Travel This Year



Its no surprise that the world has changed, in many ways. The way we interact with others have changed, and our movement has been restricted in ways we couldn’t imagine earlier. But after 2 years of isolation, the world is slowly starting to open. Borders are opening and travelers have more freedom to move around than only a year ago. But travel is not entirely back to normal.

So how do we navigate this ‘new normal’? Before we get to that, its important to understand what the new normal looks like.

What is the new normal?

COVID is in no way a thing of the past. There are still parts of the world that are under lockdown and battling with new cases. Traveling in the new normal is all about responsible tourism. Its about being responsible towards yourself, the country you are visiting, the people you’re around, and official guidelines. Keeping the current situation in mind, and provided you’re willing to follow the regulations, travel is very much possible in the current scenario.

At the Whole Experience, we organized two retreats in Costa Rica late last year. It was the first time we were traveling after a long hiatus and things not only went smoothly, but we also had tons of fun! We organize our retreats while constantly monitoring the evolving travel situation. Because of our awareness and willingness to pivot and adjust to the situation, we’ve been able to begin organizing our retreats safely again.

Read on to find out how we were able to do just that, and you’ll walk away with renewed confidence to travel again.

Country specific regulations 

Before you head to a new country, spend some time understanding the situation on ground there. For example, figure out what the vaccination rate in the country is. Are there new cases being reported? What are the quarantine regulations? Every country will have their own set of rules, and its important to understand them carefully before you make plans.

Consider them to be like the regulations you had to follow earlier as well. Getting vaccinated for specific ailments were nothing new when traveling internationally. Each country had their own protocols for foreigners, that as a traveler you had to follow. COVID is an additional data point to consider. Educating yourself on the same will also put your mind at ease about traveling in general.

Gather COVID specific documents

You may need a vaccination certificate (also known as a COVID passport) irrespective of where you travel. Testing documents might also be required prior to traveling. There are various levels of COVID tests and its unlikely that you’ll need all of them! The requirements for these would largely depend on the country you’re visiting, and its best to make a list of what all is required.

We understand how hard this can all feel, which is why we are helping by continuing to host retreats this year. Leave all research to us, and travel with peace and mind knowing that everything is taken care of. At our retreats, everything is spelled do it for you, and we have a checklist you have to follow. We even do tests on-site! If you’re looking to travel but all of the COVID requirements feel overwhelming – let us take the guessing would out for you. Join us in Kenya or South Africa!

Figure out if there are quarantine/social distancing norms

Many countries have begun to remove these and quarantine is no longer mandatory upon arrival. Social distancing rules have also been relaxed which means traveling is far more acceptable and looked upon as normal. As important as it is to be aware of the situation, its also OK to relax a bit. There’s been a lot of uncertainty and confusion for two years, and its normal to be on the fence about traveling. But if you think about it, would countries start opening their borders if they didn’t think it was safe? Most likely they wouldn’t.

Be careful of what you consider facts

Unfortunately, there continues to be a lot of fear surrounding travel. The best way to verify whether something is true is to clarify from respectable sources. The consulate/embassy in your home country would be able to give you the correct information.

Travel in a group

If solo travel is daunting, why not travel as part of a group? Its great to connect with individuals on the same journey as you, form a sisterhood, and be part of a community. Its also a great way of putting your mind at ease about the ‘what ifs’.

Our retreats are the perfect blend of travel to exotic locations, luxurious stays, a specially curated itinerary of once in a lifetime experience, and sisterhood. We follow every guideline set forth by the country in question, and have proper protocols in place. Reach out to us and we’d love to address your queries. Feel free to also check out our reviews to hear from women like you who have trusted us with what was in many cases their first time out of the country in a long time, if not ever!

Some general travel tips

Focus on improving your immunity

Eat healthy food, don’t forget your supplements (if any), get proper rest, and move when possible. A strong and healthy body also equals to a healthy mind and high immunity. What does that mean? You’ll be less susceptible to falling ill and be able to travel and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Honestly, staying healthy is easier than you may think.

For example, we usually book an Airbnb that comes with a kitchenette. That helps us quickly prepare healthy meals on the go.

Carry your own water bottle

If you carry your own bottle, you’ll remember to drink more frequently. You’ll also contribute to saving the environment by not generating additional plastic waste. Win-win, right?

Pack some COVID essentials in your carry on

Mask mandates are not in place in a lot of countries now, but if it is, it might be a good idea to carry some spare masks. Hand sanitizers are another important item to pack. Some general packing essentials are chargers & power banks, travel documents, headphone & eye mask, moisturizer, and toothbrush! If you’re a bookworm, make sure to carry some good books as well. And oh, don’t forget any regular medication you’re on and a small first aid kit for cuts and bruises!

Now that you’ve done your due diligence, its time to hop on a plane and start the journey you’ve been looking forward to. You deserve a reset and to prioritize yourself. Fear can be well founded, but it can also be misguided. The way out is to research and figure out the ground reality, and then go ahead and have the time of your life!

Travel with us! Check out our Retreats! Imagine how it’d feel if all you were required to do was to relax and focus on yourself, while we made all the arrangements and catered to your every need? It must feel great, right? You deserve to enjoy the gift of rejuvenation, especially after the couple of years you’ve had. Its time to let go and let us do the legwork!
We’re here to address all your queries. We understand its difficult to plan anything given the current circumstances, but we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ve got your back, truly!