Our Story

A Serendipitous Tale!

It all started in September 2017 in a coffee shop in Bali, Indonesia! Tameika G and Whitney Gee (both solo travelers and strangers at the time) were sitting side by side dining in a café when Whitney asked Tameika how her salad tasted. They then began chatting away and realized how similar they were! Both had taken a leap of faith and recently left their corporate jobs. They were both on a quest for a more purpose-driven life.

Through more conversation, they realized they were even more alike than they had first thought… they even shared the same birthday! The next month included various hangouts in Bali, some travel to nearby islands, and unforgettable experiences.

In hanging out for the month, they both discussed their passions – travel, health and wellness, and female empowerment. Through this discussion and a lot of brainstorming, the Whole Experience was born. They decided they wanted to work for themselves while blending their passions together in helping women. Since then they have put in the work to build business offerings that align with their purpose and values. Years later, the two (now nicknamed The G Girls) have developed various products and services that have helped thousands of women achieve their wellness goals.

Our Mission

As you can see, it was fate that allowed our paths to cross… and we don’t take this assignment lightly! So it is our divine mission to show women, through the power of community, how healthy they can be! We want all women, regardless of their demographic or size to experience the magic of abundance in health. We achieve this through our coaching programs, and retreat experiences!



Since losing 90 lbs, 14 years ago, I have devoted my time to helping others achieve the happiness I have found on this journey. As a certified personal trainer, I have helped over 1500 clients worldwide (both in person and online) lose a cumulative total of 15000+ lbs and 18,000+ inches! During the retreats, my boot camps are sure to challenge you and push you to your limits! In coaching, I will hold space for you and offer both empathy and compassion while focusing on your results.



My sustainable journey to wellness began after hitting corporate burnout, enduring years of negative self talk, and navigating the modern fast paced lifestyle that lead me to hit a total health collapse. This journey to healing ignited a fire within me, I knew I had to share the knowledge and light I obtained on my journey with others. I wanted to dedicate my life’s work to helping people connect with holistic wellness. I obtained my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in India, I am a certified personal trainer and Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My education and background allow me to support my clients in their journeys to wellness in a holistic and sustainable approach that brings not only lasting success but sheer JOY.


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