Here are the success stories from our tribe members.

Roma Bhim


Whitney H.



“I am beyond Grateful for Whitney & Tameika’s guidance throughout my health and wellness journey. Through this program I am able to work, grow, and reflect on all aspects of ME.

Their program encompasses a whole person from their mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual aspects creating a more balanced lifestyle and a deeper understanding of SELF.

I feel whole, I feel so Alive and I feel healthy.

I love you, G girls and I’m in love with your program.

Thanks for creating such a beautiful space for all women.”

Esther Milani

“When I started this program with the Whole Experience I was looking for something to help me find a sustainable and manageable workout program that fit my needs. What I found was so much more. I found the most amazing accountability partner, approachable workouts that energized me instead of making me feel exhausted. I found community of heart centered women. Over the past few months I’ve noticed a huge change in my approach to mindful eating. I’ve developed a daily 10k steps walking habit. And I have felt more energized throughout my day. I am so grateful for the gentle yet firm coaches, Tameika & Whitney and the amazing program they have developed and offered. It is such a healing experience to honor and love on the body and they have given me the tools to do this in a way that feels right for me!”

Phyllis Marcus

“I highly recommend The Whole Experience. Whitney and Tameika have all the tools you need to address your mindset, workouts, and food choices. They are very supportive, and nurturing, always encouraging you and cheering you on. They help you go at your own pace and decide what works best for you.”

Shana-Kay Wright

“This program is delicately designed but powerfully effective at providing a set of tools to use along your health and wellness journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that each new task was thoughtfully integrated and the weekly lessons packed a punch but did not feel overwhelming. I did not know I needed it at the time but the tribe element of the group was so empowering and I have built some long-lasting friendships and accountability partners along the way. Whether you are looking for interesting meal plans and recipes, accessible workouts, meditations, mindset healing etc, I believe that this program will allow you to find the missing element that will be the game changer in your journey.”


“I needed a kick start on my health journey and didn’t know how to begin and the Whole Experience gave me exactly that! It gives you the boost you need; everything is laid out for you so that there really isn’t any guessing game and there are no excuses for you not to follow the plan. Along the way, I learned about nutrition – in a simplified way that makes sense – and I learned what I need to do in terms of regular movement. I lost weight and inches over the program and have learned tools that I’ve continued to apply. And, truthfully, I’m actually the healthiest that I have been in a long time and Whitney and Tameika made it so easy to get there! “






Rita Lwanga


“I’m 89lbs down so far since working with you, and 96 down from my heaviest weight ever. Still going, still pushing, still building community and talking myself up instead of down. I don’t have a “finish line” in mind and I’m not worried about putting the weight back on. Three months of travel has shown me that this time is different. I don’t miss any of the old behaviors either. I like the structure we created in the program because it gives me tons of flexibility to build my schedule the way that best suits me. And I’ve not had to start over. Sure, I have off days, but I have learned to pick up where I left off instead of just having a “screw it” mentality. I’m proud of me and I’m super excited to see where I land!”

Randi Nash

“I really appreciated the balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle that the program took! It didn’t pretend that you’d have six-pack abs in two weeks or would suddenly love eating vegetables all the time – because I definitely didn’t. Instead, the program gave me a good basic foundation to incorporate into my admittedly hectic lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods and remaining active surprisingly isn’t that hard when you actually start doing it. Since the end of the program, I have run two 5Ks, have taken up a ton of fitness challenges, and have transitioned to an almost fully Mediterranean-style diet. I’m really glad that the program let me deconstruct some unhealthy habits I had picked up over years and really focus on the true meaning of wellness – being the best self I could be, physically, mentally, and emotionally.”


“I needed a program that would give me the tools to make a lifestyle change because I was tired of starting over. This 4-week program provided a solid start. I learned consistency in all aspects (mental, physical, emotional) was key and I had someone I could reach out to any time. I learned to make healthier versions of the meals I enjoyed and how to incorporate weights and yoga into my routine. The program took me out of my comfort zone and truly challenged me to change my thoughts on weight loss. All of this remotely! My past weight loss journeys left me feeling defeated however when I experienced this new approach I found it easier to stick with and I never felt I was giving anything up. There are no quick fixes here. Long-term practices mean never starting over.”


“This program restored energy that I had not experienced in years. It offered recipes that were simple, easy to follow, and specified to my particular diet.  More importantly, it did not feel like a diet. I ate pizza, burgers, fries, and French toast to name a few :).  I found that to be very important for sustainability in that I didn’t want another diet, but a lifestyle change that I would be able to continue long after the program was over.  In terms of exercise, I liked that the program built-in my favorite exercises(e.g. Zumba, spinning, etc.) and incorporated much-needed weight training. The program was simple and easy to follow which was/is important to me along this journey.  Overall, I learned balance and truly enjoyed the simplicity, sustainability, and how realistic the program was.”

Jameica Perez

“The biggest takeaway is that I have a new relationship with myself. I learned how to make myself a priority while still serving and supporting my family and taking care of other responsibilities.

I loved the mindset lessons and connecting with the group. I learned so much from both. These were the missing pieces of a successful plan for me. The weekly lessons opened my perspective and challenged my unsupportive way of thinking. Connecting with a group of like-minded women helped me identify negative beliefs that were derailing me and it gave me the much-needed support that was lacking from my life. I love that I now have a community to grow with.

To someone who is deciding… I say do it! You will not be disappointed. Tameika’s and Whitney’s approach will blow your mind and give you the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. I love it and I know you will too!”



Eman Salem


Chrishan Wright

“The Whole Experience has been a godsend. Having the coaches, my accountability partner, Esther, and the extended community of women, I feel supported along this journey of transformation.  Since I live in the Northeast and it was cold in January, followed by a series of massive snowstorms, I focused on nailing the food…increasing my protein intake, drinking more water, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables and getting familiar with the virtual studio. Once the weather began to move above freezing in March, I purchased an Apple Watch and started pounding the pavement…averaging about 10k steps a day. Later in March, I incorporated assisted stretching to increase my flexibility and stave off injury. In April, I began going to the gym several times a week to strength train.

Fast forward to today, I am averaging about 8k-10K steps per week, down 13 lbs, and seeing the physical changes in my body. As of last Friday, we are able to use the gym without mask-wearing which has helped. I look forward to working out and also see the mental changes in my mood. I make the time to work out each day and when the weather doesn’t cooperate (too hot, rain etc), I plan ahead to figure out how to stay true to my goal.  

Today I fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to fit into for over 2 years.

I am truly grateful for this program and I look forward to reaching my goal and sharing updated pics. “


“My goal was a complete transformation and consistent evolution.  When I reached out for coaching, I wanted you to help me change long-term,  and YOU did. For me, the real transformation happened after the program, where 1 year later I am consistently losing weight and showing up for myself.

The key to success is the mindset shift it provided. I’ve shifted from external accountability to internal accountability. Even when my regimen is not perfect, I refocus on my goals and sharpen my tools. I have been transformed.”


“Good afternoon! So I wanted to share with you my journey. The weight crept up (once again) this time I was unhappy but unmotivated.  I knew the work I had to put in and didn’t have the energy mentally nor physically to start. I didn’t even believe that I could do it, i have struggled with weight for so long that it is who I am. So then COVID happened and I started to loose my marbles. I was going to have a nervous breakdown. So I looked on guided meditation after remembering one of your  videos. Then the next day I did beginner yoga. I started to feel good mentally. Then i dusted off the 4 week challenge I did with you years ago and gave it a shot. I don’t know how your ears didn’t burn because I cussed you, “she is crazy, who does she think she is, how has it no one has died”. The first I wanted to throw in the towel and embrace my fat. Then you had a video about 10% and making small changes everyday. I have just completed week 4 and I feel good! I have seen some positive changes.

I continue to move even when i dont feel like it, through injury just some movement so that i don’t fall back into old habits. Continue to do what you do. You are truly a beacon of light for many of us. Reflecting on our coaching, you are compassionate and kind BUT A FORCE. You truly have a heart for helping, healing and empowering. I am grateful to have to opportunity to know you. Thank you for my fresh start again!”








Rondette Amoy

“This is the first program I’ve ever fully invested in and couldn’t be more pleased that I did! Typically, I’m a bit intimated by wellness programs (especially if they’re virtual)…always worried that I won’t be able to stay disciplined or that I’ll do an exercise incorrectly, but this program was all about support, pacing myself and incorporating a truly holistic approach to my wellness. Whether it was strength training with TameikaG, reciting daily affirmations, making time for meditation or gentle yoga with Whitney – I just knew each time I tapped in that I was working towards a sustainable habit and ultimate commitment to enhancing my mind, body and overall well-being. Thank you for making this journey so special, attainable and sustainable, Whole Experience! Your program is truly one of a kind!”


I never liked working out, and was full of excuses as to why I couldn’t commit to losing weight. I am a mother of 3 boys, who works full time and always put everyone and everything ahead of myself. Eating takeout/fast food came natural to me, I was tired of being tired, until I met Tameika And the Project You Group. 

My meals plans were set out (so no more excuses) I had accountability partners so I definitely couldn’t let someone else down, and I actually put myself first for the first time in a very long time. I learned that eating healthy was actually yummy and running intervals never felt so good. With being consistent I lost 22lbs in 90 days. YES…22Lbs. If your truly tired of being tired like I was and need a push to live your best life, I highly recommend reaching out to Tameika and join Project You. You will receive the results you want as long as you are consistent and truly putting yourself first.”


“Project You has afforded me a safe, beautiful, and exciting space where I, along with numerous other women, can be vulnerable about our health journey. Together, this tribe of strong, diverse and immensely talented women celebrate our highs and lows together with compassion and grace! The coaches, Whitney and Tameika, are extremely knowledgeable, fun, and beautiful souls who understand the challenges we face everyday regarding our health and fitness journey. Our coaches understand because they too have fallen and gotten right back up with their health and fitness journey (they still fall sometimes and they share that with our tribe, how amazing is that??!!!)  When I think about my coaches, who I genuinely call my friends, my heart smiles and I feel good! Belonging to this program has added so much joy and consistency to my life! There’s a plethora of informative workshops/motivational group posts, monthly tribe talks, strength and yoga videos, monthly recipe books, meal plans(suggested of course), and fitness challenges that all serve the three M’s: Movement, Mindfulness, and Meals. Physically and mentally I have grown so much from this program and sisterhood (hello muscles and healthier mind)!! I have gained so many new sisters since joining Project You and I am forever grateful to Whitney and Tameika for creating this enriching and loving space!!”

Brownyn Anderson

I participated in a 21-day workshop with Tameika and Whitney and I really enjoyed the information and insight provided during that time. Tameika and Whitney are both naturally positive and passionate, and their enthusiasm easily conveys through the ‘computer screen.’ I was immediately inspired to learn all I could from their experiences, and energized to make changes to my daily lifestyle. The videos (yoga, meditation, exercise) were easy to follow and had enough content to feel I was progressing during the workshop. Both Tameika and Whitney provide recommendations (books, podcasts) that are complementary to their message. I have since purchased one of the books (Atomic Habits) and loved that it helped me make further changes in my search for a healthier lifestyle. Focusing on Mind/Meals/Movement (equally!) is a great way to create a plan that is achievable and can be maintained. For me, the best part of the experience was the weekly call session with Tameika and Whitney in attendance. They share valuable information from their experience, and welcome specific questions from those attending the workshop. Tameika and Whitney take the time to thoroughly explain their answers using their vast experience, it is very helpful! Overall, I would highly recommend spending time with Tameika and Whitney as coaches in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Get ready to be inspired and make regular, achievable changes to your life that will have a lasting impact!”

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