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Ideal packing list for a week long wellness retreat



Ideal packing list for a week long wellness retreat 

So you are going on a wellness Retreat?! How exciting, we first of all want to say kudos to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to focus on YOU. Pouring into your own cup and attending a wellness retreat can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Often resulting in a catalyst of change in your life.   

Now you might be getting into the logistics of actually attending the retreat and asking yourself… What do I pack?! 

We have hosted retreats on four continents and hosted hundreds of women for the past six years. So at this point we are a bit of subject matter experts (we have also lived out of a suitcase as nomads traveling to over 100 countries collectively). We have taken this knowledge and experience to create a general packing list to help you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. 

But first her are 5 friendly reminders …

Do not overpack!

We have many women attend our retreats who overpack. They have to pay extra for luggage and then inevitably when you travel, you end up getting some souvenirs. So it’s always good to have extra space in your suitcase for your return flight. 

Pack items that dry quickly and are breathable.

Especially in the tropics. This also helps if you need to wash clothes during your trip as many foreign countries line dry. This will ensure your items dry as quickly as possible.

Create a list of any essential items you will need.

Certain items like name brand skin care products, prescription pills, and feminine products can be hard to find in certain countries. It’s best to pack these essential items with you.

Plan your outfits out ahead of time.

Lay them out on your bed. Pack articles of clothing that you can mix and match to give yourself additional looks while using the same amount of space. 

Pack in layers!

Oftentimes, for retreats, you’ll have early morning sessions and you’ll be doing a wide array of activities. So it can be nice to be able to take off layers to acclimate to the various temperatures you may experience. 

Bonus tip! Need to do some shopping but not sure what to get? Check out our Amazon list of our favorite retreat and travel essentials HERE

Now let’s get to the packing list! As we always remind our tribe members. Everyone travels a bit differently, so take into consideration your needs and any nuances of your trip. For example, our retreats tend to be a good blend of many activities. But your experience may focus on one thing, like trekking. Which will likely need a specific set of hiking boots. If you are going to a retreat like ours. Which is a one-week all-inclusive experience with a good blend of adventure, fitness, sightseeing, relaxation, and a bit of FUN. Then this list is for you! 


  1. Tennis shoes (ideally ones you can hike in and workout in) 
  2. Sandals/flip flops. (we love crocs rubber sandals that can get wet)
  3. Undergarments, socks
  4. PJs, loungewear 
  5. Workout shirts (3-5 space permitting) 
  6. Workout pants (3-4 pairs space permitting) 
  7. A couple of day trip outfits (something you can be physical in but also be ready to take photos in while sightseeing. We love rompers or two piece matching sets for this look) 
  8. One nice dinner outfit for a farewell celebration.
  9. Swimsuit
  10. A light sweater (planes get cold) 
  11. Rain jacket (weather can be unpredictable)
  12. Lightweight scarf- really nice for the plane to stay warm, especially for overnight flights 
  13. Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner, razor,  face wash, washcloth, body wash, deodorant, lotion, feminine products. 

Additional helpful items: 

  1. Medication, vitamins, pain relief 
  2. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses 
  3. Bug repellent spray
  4. Stomach meds for upset stomach 
  5. Bandaids/ small first aid kit 
  6. Dramamine (for motion sickness, we will be taking some minibus rides)
  7. Antibiotics for stomach bug (ask your doctor to prescribe)
  8. Small backpack for day trips
  9. Hair tie, bobby pins, scarfs
  10. Journal 

Pack in your carry on/ on your person: 

  • ATM Card, Credit card, USD Cash (call your banks to notify them of upcoming travel)
  1. Passport! (Always a great idea to have some copies of important documents:  leave a set at home with your loved ones and then have a copy with you). 
  2. Eye mask/ earplugs (great for long plane rides and jungle noises)
  3. Book (or remember to download your favorite books/podcasts ahead of time)
  4. Universal Converter for electronics (be sure to look up what the country requires)
  5. Headphones 
  6. Money belt or fanny pack. Best to keep money and valuables secure and out of sight
  7. camera/chargers  
  8. Airplane neck pillow (inflatable ones are best to conserve space when not in use) 
  9. Body/face wipes (carry on) 
  10. Travel toothbrush/floss/mouthwash  (carry on)    
  11. Eye drops (carry on)
  12. Water Bottle (carry on) 
  13. Slap caps (carry on)
  14. A great attitude, open mind, and sense of adventure!  
If you are a solo female traveler check this list…

If you forget something, do not fret. We have found that in many countries, you are able to get what you need more or less. What is most important is that you pack an open mind and sense of adventure! Want to learn more about our 7-night all-inclusive wellness retreats? Click HERE to find out more. We hope you have the experience of a lifetime!