Here are just a few of the success stories from our tribe members.

I really appreciated the balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle that the program took! It didn’t pretend that you’d have six-pack abs in two weeks or would suddenly love eating vegetables all the time – because I definitely didn’t. Instead, the program gave me a good basic foundation to incorporate into my admittedly hectic lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods and remaining active surprisingly isn’t that hard when you actually start doing it. Since the end of the program, I have run two 5Ks, have taken up a ton of fitness challenges, and have transitioned to an almost fully Mediterranean-style diet. I’m really glad that the program let me deconstruct some unhealthy habits I had picked up over years and really focus on the true meaning of wellness – being the best self I could be, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


From day 1, my goal was a complete transformation and consistent evolution. When I reached out for coaching, I wanted help to change for the long term, and it worked. For me, the real transformation happened after the program, where one year later I am consistently losing weight and showing up for myself.

The key to success after the program is the mindset shift it provided. I’ve shifted from external accountability to internal accountability. Even when my regimen is not perfect, I refocus on my goals and sharpen my tools. I have been transformed.


I needed a process that would give me the tools to make a lifestyle change because I was tired of starting over. This process took me out of my comfort zone and truly challenged me to change my thoughts on weight loss. All of this remotely! My past weight loss journeys left me feeling defeated however when I experienced this new approach I found it easier to stick with and I never felt I was giving anything up. There are no quick fixes here. Long-term practices mean never starting over.


Having a baby (and all of the life changes, emotions, hormones that come along with it) has put me in a constant state of self doubt, self sabotage, and insecurity. I knew I had what it took to make a change. So here I am, 5 pounds and 8 inches down, enjoying my little cheats, mindful with my food, sweating 3 days a week, and making better choices because I WANT TO. I’m loving myself more each day, and continuing to trend on being as healthy as I can get for myself and my son!


“I’ve actually told a lot of people in my life about this program – they’re just seeing my example and wanting to learn more… I would recommend it to anyone who wants change, who wants to transform something in their life, but wants to do it in a sustainable manner.”


“My mind shifted from fearing food – to desiring food that would nourish my body. If you feel ready, or even if you don’t feel ready… I would just take a step back, I would look at where you are and where you want to be, and I would just go for it!”


“Looking back to who I was at the beginning, and who I am now. You know, there are certain junctions in your life, if you could go back and say “hey, right here, if I made a different decision, my life would be totally different”. Through our lives you have certain critical points that happen like that – and this was definitely one for me.”


“Your honesty, your openness, and the way that it’s not all “you need to do this”. It’s what makes you feel good. “Does this work for you? Well let’s try something different”. I like that because normally trainers are like “you need to do this, this, this”. And they don’t explain it, it’s just something that you have to do”


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