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How long are your programs?2023-01-12T17:07:12+00:00

This is a 4 month coaching and implementation program that is delivered virtually and paired with powerful coaching, meetings with a registered therapist and dietician, and accountability support to make sure you do the work and get results.

I’m new to Mindset work, will I be able to do it?2021-12-17T17:42:40+00:00
Yes! We will gently introduce you to a mindset routine that will show you the benefits instantly. In fact, many of our clients say it’s one of their favorite parts of our programs and is THE aspect that makes this journey truly sustainable.
Will the food cater to my dietary restrictions?2021-12-17T17:43:06+00:00

We offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian guidelines! Emphasis here on guidelines, because diets don’t work! We will share with you parameters you can follow that will get you to your goals, but won’t be so restrictive (example, have 1 serving of carbohydrates),  and we’ll share several examples with you. You’ll also have your accountability coach that will help you along the way.

For your meal plans, how many calories will I be consuming?2021-12-17T17:43:35+00:00

We don’t believe in caloric restriction and counting – and we are here to show you that you don’t need it to hit your goals. Instead, we believe in empowering and educating you on: the right portion sizes for you to consume, mindful/intuitive eating, and understanding the importance of gut health and knowing what is actually in your food. We have many nutritional workshops built into your program to help guide you along the way!

Are you programs targeted for beginners, intermediate, or advanced?2021-12-17T17:44:56+00:00

All of the above! After your initial call with your coach, you will be given a program that meets you where you are (both at home, or at the gym).  Best of all, you’ll have coaches and an amazing group of women to guide you along the way!

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