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Affirmations: Our Words Have Power



Do you tell yourself negative things on a daily basis? Perhaps, you say or think, “I am so fat,” or, “I am so awkward.” Many of us have this negative internal dialogue on repeat; thus, it starts to shape our reality.

We grew up being told to be modest and not be too boastful, selfish, or full of ourselves. Out of fear of emulating these qualities, many of us transposed to the opposite side. We became self-depreciating, we played small, and we just tried to fit in. However, when we tell ourselves these stories over and over on a daily basis, they create our reality, and our actions start to line up with those thought patterns. For example, if you always tell yourself, “I am so exhausted,” your shoulders are likely to slouch over, your eyes become droopy, and you literally start to embody that state of existence within your mind, body, and spirit.

If you wake up in the morning full of dread and angst for the day, already expecting it to be bad and full of work, boring meetings, traffic, and annoying co-workers, it will be nearly impossible to break out of that negative state. It is estimated that our subconscious is running the show over 97% of the time. So, these negative stories we created at one time in our lives get left on loop like bad reruns on late-night TV. Ask yourself, are these patterns and negative thoughts serving you? Are you ready to change the channel?

Let’s see the power of our words. Try this; repeat these 5 words over and over for 2 minutes:

Pain. Numb. Sore. Tired. Sad.

See how you feel; notice if your heart starts to quicken and if you start to feel a little dull and low. Now, repeat these words over and over for 2 minutes:

Happy. Juicy. Sweet. Spicy. Healthy.

Notice if you start to get a little saliva in your mouth, a smile comes to your lips, and a lightness infuses your body language. This is the power of words! Be mindful of what you find yourself saying, not only aloud but within your thoughts as well, as these thoughts and words are creating your reality.


Sold on the power of words, but not sure where to start or what affirmations even are? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines affirmation as: “to show or express a strong belief in or dedication to something, such as an important idea,” “to state positively,” or “to assert as valid or confirmed.” Thus, affirmations are a way for us to use positive words or phrases that we seek to bring to the frontal cortex of our mind, giving it focus and attention. By utilizing affirmations, we are switching up the reruns with fresh new content that is exciting and brings a positive intentional vibration to our thoughts.

So, let’s change the channel. Tomorrow morning, wake up and start to fill your cup with something significantly different—for example, positivity, excitement, and optimism. Create an environment in which you are open to an entirely new day. You are not allowing your thoughts to predetermine what your day should look like but rather allowing yourself to be present in this moment.

Here are some of our favorite affirmations that we use to kick-start our day with intentionality and positivity:

“I am healthy.”

“I am enough.”

“I am surrounded by abundance.”

“I have limitless energy.”

We repeat our affirmations at least 3 to 5 times daily as a part of our morning routine. You may notice a few characteristics of these phrases:

  1. They are in the present tense (see it as happening now).

  2. They are simple (there is beauty in simplicity).

  3. They are positive (fill your cup).

  4. They take ownership (these are your words).

The beautiful thing about affirmations is that you can make them about anything you want in life; love or relationships, personal characteristics, work-related, or financial. Whatever patterns you feel you are ready to rework in your life, affirmations can help.

For example, if you catch yourself saying things like, “I am so fat,” and you have a historically negative body image, see if you can squash that negative programming with a new powerful affirmation that resonates with you—perhaps, “I am beautiful.” It may be tough at first, but it is believed that a positive thought is two times more powerful than a negative one. So over time, the process will get easier as you get stronger and more confident.

As they always say, we must be the change we want to see in the world. So, let’s start within and create a self-aware environment that is full of love, confidence, and positivity.