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A Guide to Traveling Africa, the Whole Experience Way!



Africa as a retreat destination has been a favorite of ours for many reasons. Stunning landscapes, white sand beaches, excellent cuisine, local culture, and rich history – all have contributed to us going back again and again.

This year, we’ve added more location to our Africa plans – Kenya. The decision to do so was born out of a deep desire to explore another side to our Motherland we haven’t experienced before. South Africa is and will continue to be a prime focus for us, but the inclusion of Kenya adds another dimension altogether.

What makes Kenya special?

With Kenya, we wanted to do something different.

With Kenya, we added one more layer to our holistic health program – wildlife and safari! So, in essence, we have the best of both worlds.

Read on to find out how we were able to do just that, and you’ll walk away with renewed confidence to travel again.

Our theme for Kenya is all about adventure!

But that’s not all we’ll do. Our retreats have so much more to offer, and we’ll continue having our signature Whole Experience activities. Have you ever wondered how a typical day at our retreats may look like? Here’s a snippet of how you’ll have a truly transformational experience that’ll have a lasting impact on the rest of your life.

  • Kenya has everything we could want in a retreat. For 4 days, we’ll stay at a luxurious property on Diani beach with our own private beach! Yes, our pool deck literally connects the property to the beautiful seashore with gentle, crystal-clear waves waiting for us to step into. Whether you want to lounge by the pool with a healthy drink in hand, or prefer to take a dip in the ocean, you could do either based on your mood.
  • Then we’ll pack up and head to the second locationthe beautiful Tsavo National Park, located amidst lush African forests. We’ll spend 3 days staying in the forest reserve, with 2 game drives a day, community building activities, and of course focus on our health and wellness. These two locations blend perfectly with each other to give us a holistic space to have quite literally ‘a whole experience’ that nourishes and nurtures us from within.
  • Other new experiences in Kenya include snorkeling with Dolphins in their own natural habitat, exploring local crafts, and getting a glimpse of the incredible culture of the Maasai tribe! We’re extremely excited to have this experience of deep cultural immersion that only travel can give us.

Our location for South Africa is Cape Town

  • We’ll stay at our usual villa under the iconic Table Mountain. We’ll hike up Lion’s Head, visit Robben Island, have an informative trip to a winery in Stellenbosch, and get a glimpse of South Africa’s iconic history at the District 6 museum. We also love spending time basking in the sunshine, with penguins at Boulder beach!
  • Retreats are the best mental vacation you can take. It gives you the space to care for yourself which let’s face it, can be difficult to do in our daily lives. As women, we’re naturally nurturing towards others, but not always towards ourselves. It can get very easy to forget that we need to have our own cups full before we pour into others. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll essentially run on empty till we burn out. We’ve seen so many women feel guilty for not doing enough for their families when they are in most need of that emotional nourishment they want to give to others.

Every retreat varies in terms of activities depending on which location we’re in, but our focus on health and wellness doesn’t change. Here’s how we make sure to stick to that:

  • In our experience, routine is the most important step we can implement to change our lifelong habits. When we start from a clean slate, and have a daily structure full of wellness activities, we’re already a step ahead. Keeping that in mind, we nourish ourselves with 3 healthy and scrumptious vegetarian meals a day. We usually have a local chef who runs workshops which give us actionable steps to implement in our lives when we are back home.
  • Our daily schedule consists of yoga and morning meditation, journaling, and wellness workshops. We believe in cultivating compassion before we start working on changing our past habits. Mindset shifts are probably one of the most important tools you can have on your wellness journey.
  • Sometimes all you need after a day of focusing on yourself is to let go and let the stress melt away. When you spend so much time in a healing space, you’re bound to come away with new mindset shifts. It’s important to relax so that those shifts can be integrated into your life and become second nature for you. We have massages and spa services at the beach where all you need to do is lie on the table, listen to the ocean waves, and feel your stress get washed away by the gentle sea waves while. Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?
  • Once we’ve created the foundation, we can start working on our physical fitness goals. We have daily bootcamps and fitness classes to make you feel empowered and confident in your own Women are naturally extremely powerful, and sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction for us to be reminded of our own strength!
  • Retreats are the best opportunity to engage in deep rest and healing. We’ll focus on getting plenty of sleep and allow your mind to rest. Rejuvenation is one of the biggest takeaways that ladies experience in our retreats.
  • Even if you’re traveling solo, we’re sure you’ll end up making lifelong friends with the women you meet at our retreat. We’ve seen that happen repeatedly. The women who come on our retreats are absolute rockstars and when they come together in a group, they end up becoming one another’s biggest support. We’ll put you in touch with them before you even leave your home, so that you start feeling the magic of community and sisterhood from before you step foot in the retreat grounds.
  • WE Gives Back is our attempt of giving back to the beautiful communities who welcome us with such hospitality and open arms. Our retreat participants also have the opportunity of volunteering at a local school in Kenya which for us is a magical experience.
  • We also do a lot of exploration outside the retreat grounds and unleash our adventurous side with our soul sisters!

How to get to the retreat location?

Flights are not included in the package, so you’ll have to book it on your own. But don’t worry at all, as we’ll be here to guide you in any way we can to make the process seamless for you!

  • For Kenya, you’ll have to book a flight from your home country to the Mombasa Airport (MBA) in Kenya. We’ll provide transportation to the retreat and back once the retreat is over.
  • For South Africa, you’ll be flying into Cape Town Airport (CPT) in South Africa. Please note, we don’t provide any transportation options for South Africa. But as with everything else, we’ll help you find the best option to suit your needs.

For a much-detailed overview of our retreats, including COVID regulations here.

We realize you may have questions about whether our retreat is right for you at the moment, and it’s perfectly natural to have doubts. But we’re here to talk to you and give you as much information as you need to put your mind at ease. We’re available for one-on-one calls which will be totally focused on you and your concerns. Click here to schedule an appointment.

We hope to see you in Africa soon. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions. Which location are you more intrigued by – Kenya or South Africa? Let us know so that we can have a conversation!

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