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6 Tips To Start Your Digital Nomad Journey




There has been a massive surge in the number of people wanting to opt for a nomadic lifestyle in the recent past. There may be multiple reasons behind that; remote work is now a more popular and acceptable lifestyle choice than ever before, and most people had to transition into a remote role during the pandemic anyway.  However, living nomadically long term comes with its own set of challenges as well as benefits.
Whether you’re a seasoned traveler living the nomadic lifestyle already, or looking for ways to transition into it gradually, this post is for you!

The practical aspects of a nomadic lifestyle

As amazing as it looks, living and working remotely comes with its own practical considerations. Let’s look at a few of those before we share tips on how to successfully live as a nomad.

Creating a plan & clarifying your ‘why’

The first thing you need to do is to create a plan. How long do you want to be traveling? Are there specific countries you want to visit and if so, what draws you to them? Living nomadically gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to live your life as per your choices, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan. On the contrary, getting crystal clear on your goals will make the process a lot easier.

Other questions to ask yourself can be about the duration of your travel and the pitstops you’ll be making along the way. Are there any specific activities you’re interested in exploring? Getting clarity on your ‘why’ will greatly help you in planning the rest of your travels.

The purpose of living nomadically for you

Are you going to work remotely as you travel the world, or is it primarily going to be as a traveler? If your plan is to only travel and experience life in other countries, you could get away without working remotely provided you have enough savings to fall back on. However, for most of us living nomadically, working goes hand in hand with traveling.

Not only for the financial benefits, but doing meaningful work is often tied to the freedom and flexibility traveling provides us with. Living nomadically is a lifestyle that is both freeing and enriching at the same time.

Other questions to ask yourself can be about the duration of your travel and the pitstops you’ll be making along the way. Are there any specific activities you’re interested in exploring? Getting clarity on your ‘why’ will greatly help you in planning the rest of your travels.

Evaluate your finances and see if it makes sense for you

Depending on your goals/purpose and duration of travel, the required finances will vary greatly. Make sure you can safely afford the lifestyle you’re choosing and still have a back up just in case you need it. Equally important is to look into the right kind of visa for your needs, and any tax implications you might incur traveling/working internationally.

Make sure you’re aware of the potential downsides

When you spend a considerable amount of time traveling, it’s important to know and accept the potential pitfalls you can encounter on the way. Awareness creates confidence, and you’ll be in a much better place to deal with the day-to-day realities of long-term travel. Long flights, lost luggage, and jet lag is a few of the most common concerns. Different time zones, currencies, and local customs and cultures can also take a while to get used to. As long as you spend some time researching your options, you’ll be all set.

Now that we’ve discussed the basic, foundational aspects of nomadic living, let’s dive into some of our top tips to live a truly nomadic lifestyle.

Tip #1 Figure out what you want to do for work

Finding meaningful causes to devote your time to is essential. It’s empowering to have total control on your time, work, and finances. As nomadic entrepreneurs we understand the importance of purposeful work and the mental stability that comes from it. Constant travel and its challenges can start to tire you out, but when you have a mission to devote yourself to, things get much simpler.

Tip #2 Pack well: look into minimalism

Packing is a skill that gets better with time and experience. Try to carry only the essentials and use packing cubes to save space and keep your bag organized. You can roll up your tees/towels together as a space saving hack. Carry your essentials in travel size pouches/bottles and put them nicely in well defined places in your bag.

When it comes to packing your carry-on, the trick is to use it to carry the absolute essentials as well as the most important things you’ll need. Your passport and travel documents are a must, so is a bottle of water, healthy snacks, essential toiletries, eye mask and ear plugs, a neck pillow and your devices and their chargers. We’ll recommend carrying something soothing such as a favorite moisturizer, favorite music and podcasts, a good book and anything else that’ll help calm you if things get stressful.

Don’t forget to carry cash and other valuables with you as well and keep copies of your documents as spare.

Tip # 3 Manage your expectations

Things can end up far from perfect when you’re constantly on the road. Be prepared for the worst-case scenarios and create a back up plan. If you’re working remotely, you’ll need to have internet back up at hand. Make sure to find accommodations with good ratings and reliable Wi-Fi and power back up. Prior research is therefore important to ensure a seamless experience.

Tip # 4 Find a community

Living nomadically can get lonely at times. If you’re feeling isolated, it can lead to burnout. Research in advance and find interesting activities. Take a cooking class or a local tour and make friends along the way. At the Whole Experience, we believe in the power of travel in creating a sense of community and sisterhood. Not only do we focus on our health and wellness, but we also spend time exploring the local culture and fostering lifelong friendships with our tribe of wonderful women. For more details on our upcoming retreats, click here.

Tip #5 Focus on health and nutrition

Traveling doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health. Be sure to carry healthy snacks with you as you travel. Get some basic movements in, whether that’s a short walk in between flights, stretches after a long day, or hitting the gym near your accommodation. The more you stick to a routine, the easier it’ll be for you to deal with stress.

We highly recommend finding an accommodation that comes with a kitchenette so you can do basic meal prep and eat healthy, freshly made food.

Tip #6 Plan well in advance

When you plan the itinerary in advance, you stand a chance to get the best rates on flights and accommodations. Use Google Flights to compare the different options and set an alert for when prices drop. On an average, booking your tickets 3 months in advance can help greatly in cutting down costs.

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