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5 Ideas for a Stellar Morning Routine



A careful morning routine is like a kiss from the golden rays of the sun. We’re pretty sure you already heard about the common denominator among productive people—a detailed morning routine. Is this just hype, or do morning routines really work?

On one hand, the “you do you, boo” mindset is something we’re all in for as long as you ensure you have balance in your life, as trying to do too much defeats the purpose of having a clear mind and can actually lead to a completely preventable case of burnout. With this in mind, having a set of positive habits to jumpstart your day can actually create a solid structure to facilitate your overall wellness. We are all after positivity, and it is a glow that starts from within. The positive effect of a phenomenal morning routine can create ripples of positive effects that you never thought you needed.

Anything worthwhile begins with a challenging start, and usually, the thought of waking up earlier than the schedule you’re used may cause some resistance. But hey, always remember that your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments and chapters.

So just keep going—trust us on this, it will be worth it!

So, start off with some baby steps. These are easy to accomplish, but you will be surprised how these little things can have a massive impact in your life, one wonderful morning at a time. Here are six ideas for a stellar morning routine you can start doing today!

Rise and Shine

A good morning should start with you. Rise and shine, indeed! Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart. Do some mild stretching in bed before finally sitting up and fixing the covers. There is no ideal “waking hour,” as sleep requirements and age, among other factors, lead to varying waking times with which you can actually feel rested after getting some Zzzs. However, successful people who have full control of their day and how productive it will be establish an ideal time to wake up and start the day the right way. In general, successful people swear by a 4:00 a.m. habit, but you can establish your own vibe as long as you can do this consistently for long.

Put Your Devices Away

We’re already seeing some raised eyebrows here. In a world where connection begins by the time you open our eyes, incorporate this step into your routine. Trust us on this. The most important thing when establishing this routine is clarity.

Glow Fact: In a 2020 article by Vox, it has been estimated that for this year, 2021, the estimated average mobile internet usage in the United States will go beyond four hours a day. Four hours a day! Let that sink in for a minute, dears. Imagine how many things you can do in four hours. The good thing is, it is not too late to reprogram your routine and reduce mobile internet and screen time as early as now!

Disconnect yourself from distractions first. You have all the time in the day to browse your devices, so let the first few waking hours be free from gadgets. Start with a clear mindset where the focus is on yourself and not on social media or the internet. You’ll notice how calm mornings will become as you move toward maintaining this setup.

Read a Nourishing Book

You may have noticed that the first few steps are all about the body and the senses. These activities can be capped by reading an inspirational or motivational book. By reading a chapter each day, you kindle a mental spark that primes your mind and sets you up for the day. There is something special about incorporating book reading into a morning routine, which is why it form part of the routines of many successful and motivated people. While you’re at it, you can also note your progress in a dainty journal that will inspire you to keep going.


Meditation, or Spend Some Time in Stillness

As the famous phrase goes, “take time to smell the roses.” In a world where everything seems to be extremely fast-paced, take a brief moment every single morning in immersive stillness. Doing some meditation several minutes per day provides a very personal and spiritual moment that will help establish a holistic preparation for what lies ahead. Sometimes, you just need to be still, and everything will fall into place.

How About Some Gentle Yoga?

In addition to meditation, you can also consider yoga and incorporate a short session every single morning. Yoga calms the senses, eases tension, and increases focus. What’s not to love, right? The numerous benefits include an increase in energy, better mood, minimized stress, and improved balance, flexibility, and strength. Yoga is like a hearty breakfast for the mind and soul. You’ll be surprised how much you can gain just from several minutes of yoga every morning. Also, make sure you pick the perfect yoga mat for this part of your routine.

Remember this by heart, dears, because when your cup is full, you can pour into everyone else. The energy you exude the moment you step out of the room and into your daily routine is something that should be bright, positive, and fun—reflecting all the potential that you possess. Let’s start a great routine today!