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2019: A Look Into the Year Ahead!!!



We thought we would share what the year ahead will look like for a pair of nomadic entrepreneurs who are simply trying to make a difference while living our best lives!

Throwback to The Whole Experience: Bali Edition

The year 2018 was so amazing, with 3 retreats, 40 tribe members, 2 countries, and countless memories. What started out as a one-off idea has blossomed into a full-on business, and we couldn’t be more excited!

However, 2018 didn’t come without it’s hardships. Being an entrepreneur is far from easy. It’s full of ups, downs, and in-betweens. One day, you feel like you’re on top of the world, but the next, you wonder if you’re really cut out for this lifestyle. In the end though, we are so happy that we came out on top, still loving what we do and being successful at it!

By the end of 2018, we decided we were ready to take this business full-time and make the most of this incredible experience we’ve created!

So What’s in Store for 2019?

After some time home for the holidays, we are now gearing up for our nomadic life on the road again—traveling with the retreats and seeing where life takes us! Each week will likely bring a new city or country, a new Airbnb, and a new culture to assimilate to! We’ll be living out of a suitcase while working away at cafes during the days, and during the evenings and weekends, we will try to soak up a new culture by heading out and exploring!

There are very exciting times ahead! We should also mention though that this time in our lives is very scary as well! Historically, we’ve worked corporate jobs and had steady-paying work—life was pretty safe. We then quit our corporate jobs to travel the world, working side jobs to get by. It was also pretty safe; the only thing we really had to worry about was ourselves! Now, we have taken on this massive business and all that comes with it! We have faced fear head on, taking risks daily to make this business a success.

We are getting extremely comfortable with being uncomfortable, because if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that discomfort is where the most growth and magic happens. This now brings us 2019! So, we thought we would provide insight into what’s in store.

Taking risks like it’s going out of style LOL.

In less than one month, we’ll be heading to South Africa to run our Cape Town retreat! Taking advantage of being in the motherland, I (Tameika) will also be traveling Ethiopia to explore its history and culture! Traveling is a huge passion of ours, so whenever we aren’t running a retreat, we are out exploring the world—one country at a time!

We then head to South America! We have a bit of time off before we run our Colombia retreat, so we are going to take some time to explore the region! We hope to experience the Carnaval in Brazil, drink wine in Argentina, and hike in Peru. We also plan to really immerse ourselves into Colombian culture to be our best and most prepared selves for the retreat!

After Colombia, we intend to relax and travel around (at a slower pace) before heading stateside. These retreats, while AMAZING, take quite a bit of energy to execute. So, after every retreat, we take the downtime needed to chill and re-center ourselves.

We then plan to go on a road trip throughout U.S.! Whitney will be taking me along the West Coast, showing me a little piece of where she grew up! Being business partners is only one facet of our relationship. While our relationship started out as professional, we couldn’t help but become dear friends. Last year, Whitney was able to enjoy a little taste of Canada (where I grew up), and now, we’ll explore her home!

After the trip through the states, we’ll then head to our respective homes to spend time with our families and recharge, refocus, repack, and regroup. Living life on the road is exhilarating and exciting, but it can also be exhausting at times. So, in order to preserve our energy, frequent trips home are a must!

Family Time!! Whitney with her pops in India doing yoga training!

We’ll then welcome summer with open arms and kick off two more retreats, this time in Europe! If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’ll know it’s literally the greatest in the summertime. So, what better place to bring The Whole Experience than to one of our favorite regions!

Whitney and I share the same birthday, so post summer-retreat season, we will take a fun trip together. We’ve tossed up the idea of Germany, Malta, and Croatia, but who knows! The goal will be to let loose a little bit and celebrate our birthdays, in addition to hitting the halfway mark of 2019 retreats!

The fall will bring us back to our beloved Asia. Bali and Thailand were such a success in 2018 that it’d be a crime for us to not return! Asia is where it all began, so it only feels fitting to head back to the continent that brought us so much! Registration will open soon for our Bali and Thailand retreats.

Finally, a look into 2019 wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging our passion project, The Whole Experience Gives Back, through which we hope to donate a minimum of USD $10,000 to various charities across the regions we visit. It’s a major goal for us, but we’ve learned to dream big, visualize, and manifest exactly what we want: 3% to 5% of every retreat’s proceeds will go to charity, so as long as we remain successful, we’ll continue to pay it forward!

The Whole Experience Gives Back to Lombok, Indonesia after a series of earthquakes hit this village hard.

We hope this gives you some insight into what to expect for 2019! We plan to bring you along the journey much more intimately this year, not only to keep you informed about retreats, but with the hope to also encourage you to get out and travel, see the world, and take risks! By being open and honest about our lives, we hope to show you just how doable this lifestyle is!

To register for an upcoming retreat, click here. While not every retreat is open for registration, you can register for Cape Town or Bali today! Again, thank you all so much for supporting this journey of ours. We can’t even begin to express enough gratitude.

Stay tuned for an awesome year ahead! xo